The Patriot Post® · 2016 Hillary Lost the 2020 Election by a Landslide

By Jordan Candler ·

First, a word of caution: This article is in no way intended to elevate the popular vote beyond an interesting statistic with which to make anecdotal observations. The Founders instituted the Electoral College for an important reason — to ensure that every voter in every state has a voice in our republic. That having been said, the popular vote can provide some interesting evidence, and this year’s election seems once again to affirm just how immensely unpopular Hillary Clinton was (and remains).

One development this author was looking for was whether each candidate would break Barack Obama’s popular-vote record. Given the feverish political atmosphere, it seemed almost inevitable that at least one of the two presidential candidates would best Obama’s 69.5 million votes in 2008. And that was certainly the case.

Take the mail-ballot-tainted vote totals with a huge grain of salt, but as of midday Thursday, Joe Biden had accrued a record of 77,241,816 votes, or roughly 7.7 million more than Obama did in 2008. But, Trump himself has totaled 72,095,710 votes, or roughly 2.6 million more than Obama did. So Obama now sits in third place in the popular-vote hall of fame.

Of course, there’s an important variable to consider here — that being the rage-fueled groundswell built up over four years of the Trump presidency. But even then, Trump not only received over nine million more votes than he did in 2016, but so far he has garnered approximately 6.2 million more votes than Hillary did four years ago, when she accumulated 65,853,514 votes.

Even worse if you’re Hillary Clinton? The questionable nature of his total vote notwithstanding, Biden — whom our own Douglas Andrews has called “the guy who couldn’t draw flies to a rally” — has accumulated 11.4 million more votes than Hillary. Sure, you can reasonably justify much of that with mail-in ballots. But mail-in ballots certainly aren’t favorable for Trump, who still beat Clinton’s 2016 vote total by more than six million. You could also argue that we can’t possibly know what Hillary’s total would have been in 2020. But it’s hard to image that after the disastrous Obama years, four years of a Hillary administration would amount to 10 million more votes in her favor. After all, Obama lost 3.6 million votes between 2008 and 2012.

No matter how you couch it, the numbers demonstrably prove that Hillary is exceedingly unpopular. And for that, she can thank bipartisan distaste from all corners of America. Or, as Barack Obama so wryly put it back in 2008, “You’re likable enough, Hillary.”