The Patriot Post® · Tuesday Executive Summary

By Jordan Candler ·

Top of the Fold

  • Saudi Arabia and Israeli leaders reportedly in secret talks (Washington Times)

The lowdown: “A Gulfstream private jet secretly ferried Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a precedent-shattering meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the weekend, the latest in a series of U.S.-brokered breakthroughs that could re-write the strategic map of the Middle East. … The hard-charging Saudi crown prince has long been seen as one ready to break with the oil-rich kingdom’s traditional policies, but was reportedly being held back by the more cautious King Salman.”

  • Dianne Feinstein out as Judiciary Committee top Democrat over handling of Barrett hearing (Washington Times)

Memory refresher: “The 87-year-old senator had been derided by progressives by not taking a harder line against the nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, drawing fire particularly for her praise of Chairman Lindsey Graham’s handling of the hearings and for giving the South Carolina Republican a hug.”

Editor’s note: Can you imagine a more dastardly thing?

Election Debrief

  • Michigan certifies Joe Biden election victory (Daily Caller)

  • Trump directs his administration to begin the transition process with Biden (Daily Caller)

  • Here’s who has been named so far to the next administration (NPR)

  • For the record: Biden’s national security team has hallmarks of Obama’s third term (Examiner)


  • Media obsesses over Antony Blinken’s guitar skills after Biden announces him as nominee (Fox News)

  • U.S. publications ran nearly $2 million worth of propaganda ads from Chinese government in 2020 (Disrn)


  • CDC advises first 20 million vaccines should go to healthcare workers (Examiner)

  • Here’s how many people have really been infected by the coronavirus (Examiner)

  • School districts saw unprecedented drop in enrollment during the pandemic (CBS News)

  • Andrew Cuomo backtracks after planning to host 89-year-old mother for Thanksgiving (NR)

  • Californians say “NOPE” and take to the streets in defiance of governor’s curfew (Not the Bee)

A Tale of Two Headlines

  • Cuomo blames New Yorkers for burgeoning COVID cases (Post Millennial)

  • Hollywood toasts Cuomo as he claims victory over coronavirus (Breitbart)

Around the Nation

  • Texas and Louisiana can cut Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood (AP)

  • Pennsylvania bans sale of alcohol at bars and restaurants ahead of Thanksgiving (Daily Wire)

  • Oregon is tougher on Thanksgiving families than antifa terrorists (Newsweek)

Editor’s note: Or, as our managing editor Nate Jackson wryly explains, Governor Kate Brown is antitha — anti-Thanksgiving.

Business & Economy

  • GM puts its finger to the wind, flips to California’s side in pollution fight (AP)

  • Socialist-themed vegan meat company learns Marxism works better in theory than practice (FEE)

Non Compos Mentis

  • Holocaust center in Florida sparks outrage after adding George Floyd exhibit (Daily Wire)

  • Harvard creating new “antiracism” librarian job that pays up to $240,300/year (College Fix)

Editor’s note: Don’t bother applying. Patriot Post editor Thomas Gallatin says, “Simple job — don’t judge people based upon their skin color. Done. Now give me $240,300, please.”

Stranger Than Fiction

  • A fitting homage: Pete Buttigieg campaign office to become pole dancing studio (Free Beacon)

  • Apple security chief Thomas Moyer indicted in concealed firearm permit bribery case (Apple Insider) | An ironic trip down memory lane: Apple removes gun emoji, replaces it with a squirt gun (Popular Science)

  • Torched port-a-potties damage state building in downtown Nashville (WKRN)

  • Squirrel gets drunk while eating fermented pears (Daily Mail)

  • Isn’t communism great? Chinese residents discover their tap water can be set on fire (Daily Mail)

On a Lighter Note…

  • CNN reporter drowned out by “CNN SUCKS” chants during live report (Post Millennial)

  • Hilarious moment prankster convinces his mom the TV’s a touchscreen (Daily Mail)

  • Beach erosion from Tropical Storm Eta unearths shipwreck from 1800s (Disrn)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Sound the alarm on the federal debt (The Hill)

  • Policy: How Social Security reform could make the popular program better (Daily Signal)

  • Humor: Hunter Biden arrives at White House dressed as a turkey in hopes of being pardoned (Babylon Bee)

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