The Patriot Post® · Friday Executive Summary

By Jordan Candler ·

Top of the Fold

  • U.S. added just 245,000 jobs in November vs. 440,000 expected (CNBC)

Yes, COVID is bad right now — and most headlines properly allude to that being the primary culprit for the lackluster report — but one also has to wonder if an impending Biden presidency is already hitting the economy.

Election Debrief

  • Georgia governor calls for secretary of state to do a signature audit (Washington Examiner) | Brad Raffensperger slams “dysfunction” in Fulton County recount (Fox News)

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court refuses to hear Trump campaign legal challenge (National Review)

  • Sidney Powell and Lin Wood stupidly urge boycott of January runoffs (Washington Examiner) | Ted Cruz rips Lin Wood: “I don’t know who this clown is” (Daily Wire)

  • Ousted House Democrats warn party against moving too far left (Washington Examiner)

Government & Politics

  • Joe Biden names Brian Deese, an Obama-era henchman, as top economic ecofascist aide (NPR)

  • Biden set to push job-killing minimum wage hikes (Washington Examiner)

  • Maxine Waters’ campaign paid her daughter $240,000 over 2019-20 election cycle (Fox News)

Apparently, this is the Democrat modus operandi. Ilhan Omar has paid her husband’s firm millions.

  • Senate (very) narrowly confirms Christopher Waller to serve on Fed’s board (AP)

  • Supreme Court backs California ministry on “draconian and unconscionable” COVID rules (National Review)

  • DNI John Ratcliffe says they can’t declassify all of Russiagate’s secrets (Washington Examiner)



  • Biden to call for 100 days of masks after inauguration (Fox News)

Memo to Biden: Most Americans already wear a mask and have been for a good chunk of 2020.

  • Governor Gavin “French Laundry” Newsom introduces new stay-at-home order (NBC News) | LA County deputies won’t enforce Newsom’s diktat (Fox News)

“Theater of the Absurd” Headline Award

  • One in every 800 North Dakota residents is now dead from COVID (Daily Mail)

Behold, the textbook definition of manufacturing bombastic news.

Genes of Steel

  • 102-year-old New Yorker who also lived through the 1918 flu pandemic and is a cancer survivor beats COVID twice (Disrn)

National Security

  • More than 1,000 visiting researchers affiliated with the Chinese military fled the U.S. this summer (The Washington Post)

  • U.S. imposes severe travel restrictions on Chinese Communist Party members (NPR)

“The restrictions target holders of business (B-1) and tourist (B-2) visas, reducing the travel documents’ maximum validity to one month, down from the current maximum of 10 years. … The Chinese Communist Party has more than 90 million members, effectively making the State Department visa action the Trump administration’s most sweeping and direct attack on the party.”

Business & Economy

  • DOJ sues Facebook for discriminating against American workers (National Review)

  • Data shows Americans couldn’t resist Thanksgiving travel (AP)

  • OPEC and allies agree to gradually increase production (CNBC)

Annals of the “Social Justice” Caliphate

  • Chicago sees massive spike in police-targeted shootings (Free Beacon)

  • Oppressed LGBT minority actor Ellen Page transitions to evil white male (Not the Bee)

  • Ever wondered what your Privilege/Marginalization score was? There’s a worksheet for that! (Not the Bee)

Double Standards

  • San Francisco to bar tobacco smoking in condos and apartments — but marijuana will remain legal (Disrn)

  • AOC roasted for selling “Tax the Rich” sweatshirts for $58 (The Washington Times)

Based on AOC’s ideology, shouldn’t this shirt be free? In any case, Jim Treacher makes a great point: “AOC is never going to make a shirt for jerks like me, because nobody ever became powerful by leaving people alone.” But hey, the price could be worse. At least it’s nowhere near the $10,000 it costs for a can of “Tax the Rich” caviar.

Stranger Than Fiction

  • Politician named after Adolf Hitler wins election in Namibia (Daily Mail)

On a Lighter Note…

  • Department of Transportation cracks down on type of emotional support animal allowed on planes (Disrn)

As the article states, “The new rule will put an end to what had become a widely-abused loophole allowing passengers to bring a wide array of different creatures aboard, including peacocks, pigs, and snakes.” Allow comedian John Crist to demonstrate.

  • This poor Amazon driver got chased off by hens (Not the Bee)

  • Jurassic gator devours hunters’ ducks before they can retrieve them (Not the Bee)

  • This video will make you never want to drive over a bridge again (Not the Bee)

  • Twenty-five pups that won the “Grumpy Dog Photo Challenge” paws down (InspireMore)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Rx for America’s dysfunctional health insurance system (Manhattan Institute)

  • Policy: Fiscal federalism during the COVID pandemic (AEI)

  • Humor: Gretchen Whitmer casts spell on Michigan so it’s always winter and never Christmas (The Babylon Bee)

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