The Patriot Post® · Monday Executive Summary

By Jordan Candler ·

Top of the Fold

  • President Trump urges Georgia patriots to turn out in Senate runoffs (Free Beacon)

  • Raphael Warnock silent on court packing and Marxism in heated debate (Free Beacon)

Election Debrief

  • Michigan judge allows probe of Dominion voting machines (Fox News)

  • Georgia governor again rejects lawmakers replacing electors (Fox News)

  • Joe Biden picks California AG Xavier Becerra as health secretary (Reuters)

“Your daily reminder that … Xavier Becerra tried to FORCE pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in CA to advertise free abortions.” —Liz Wheeler

  • For CDC, Biden picks Rochelle Walensky (Politico)

Government & Politics

  • Congress closes in on $908 billion aid bill (Reuters) | Nancy Pelosi will now accept a smaller relief bill “because we have a new president” (Daily Wire)

  • Now who’s contesting elections? The Democrat House could overturn results in Iowa and New York (WSJ)

“House Democrats are sweating, having lost at least 10 seats when they were supposed to gain that many. If Ms. Miller-Meeks and Ms. Tenney prevail, the House will likely be split 222-213, leaving the GOP five seats from a majority in 2022 and potentially narrowing Nancy Pelosi’s path to be re-elected as Speaker in January. The Democratic pressure to do everything in their power to prevent these two losses will be immense.”

  • DNI John Ratcliffe urges John Durham to release interim report in order to protect investigation (Daily Caller)

  • John Brennan lies about the Steele dossier as Chris Wallace nods along (RedState) | Chris Wallace “corrects” Alex Azar secretary for not calling Biden the president-elect (Washington Examiner)

  • House passes bill to end federal marijuana prohibition (Yahoo Finance)

  • AOC slammed after suggesting she’s a hard worker while Republicans are lazy (Daily Wire)

  • Biden changes his story on Osama bin Laden raid — again (Fox News)

“Despite his initial hesitation, Biden said he ultimately urged Obama in a private Oval Office conversation to give the green light and ‘follow your instincts on this one.’ [Biden’s] account contradicts his original remarks from eight years ago, when he claimed during a retreat in Maryland for congressional Democrats that he encouraged Obama to hold off on the raid.”


  • ABC’s George Stephanopoulos directs viewers to Democrat fundraising page (The Federalist)

The Latest on COVID-19

  • CDC director approves coronavirus vaccine plan (Fox News)

  • States submit vaccine orders (AP)

  • Trump announces lawyer Rudy Giuliani tests positive (Washington Examiner)

  • California residents under strict stay-at-home orders through Christmas (NPR)

  • Sweden’s infection rate soars above Britain, Germany, and Spain (Daily Mail)


  • Columbia failed to disclose $1 million in CCP funding (Free Beacon)

  • Education Department confirms it’s still investigating Princeton for systemic racism (College Fix)

  • Texas A&M student “required” to meet with “conduct” office after placing Trump signs on “public property” (Campus Reform)

  • San Diego teachers forced to attend trainings in which they are called racists (Not the Bee)

  • Homeschooling more than doubles during the pandemic (FEE)

National Security

  • Judge orders government to fully reinstate DACA program (NY Times)

  • Trump orders withdrawal of troops from Somalia (NY Post)

  • Congress moves to block troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and Germany (

  • Diplomats who became ill in Cuba and China may have been targeted with a type of radiation (Daily Wire)

Around the Nation

  • At least 5 killed, 34 shot in Chicago during bloody weekend (Fox News)

“On Tuesday, Chicago PD reported 3,790 people were shot through Nov. 30, compared to 2,403 in the same time period last year. Murders increased by more than half, with 716 homicides through the end of November, compared to the 464 murders in 2019.”

  • NYC’s shooting surge reaches “levels unseen in years” (Fox News)

“The uptick in shootings across the Big Apple continued through November, with the NYPD reporting a surge of 112.5% for the month compared to the same time last year. The police department documented 115 shootings this November compared to the 51 reported during the 2019 month, officials said. Year to date, the department has seen gun violence skyrocket by 95.8% compared to the first 11 months of 2019 — 1,412 shootings so far in 2020 compared to the 721 by that point last year, police said.”

“Theater of the Absurd” Headline Award

Double Standards

  • LA restaurant owner’s outdoor dining area shut down by mayor. Days later, film production company sets up outdoor dining area 15 feet away. (Not the Bee)

Non Compos Mentis

  • Ohio allows full-contact wrestling but bans post-match handshakes (Disrn)

On a Lighter Note…

  • Thirty of Walter Williams’s best quotes on liberty, rights, property, and coercion (FEE)

  • Prisoners raise $30,000 to put student in need through school (InspireMore)

  • World War II vet beats COVID-19, celebrates 104th birthday (AP)

  • This guy tackled and punched a 350 lb. bear to save his dog (Not the Bee)

  • Watch this Chihuahua bite a bear in the butt like a total psycho (Not the Bee)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Give to charity over political campaigns (National Review)

  • Policy: The war on the Electoral College has only just begun (National Review)

  • Humor: A touching gesture: Kamala Harris sends Biden 17 get-well-soon puppies (Babylon Bee) | Transition team begins installing Life Alert buttons throughout the White House (Babylon Bee)

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