The Patriot Post® · AOC's Phony Working-Class Warfare

By Douglas Andrews ·

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a hard worker, and her Republican colleagues are lazy bums. Just ask her.

“The thing that these conservative Senators don’t seem to understand,” she tweeted recently, “is that I’ve actually had a physically difficult working-class job without good healthcare most of my adult life. I bring that work ethic to Congress & to my community. They sit around on leather chairs all day.”

So says the glamour-conscious “working-class” girl whose adult life is actually a relatively recent phenomenon.

Marco Rubio, one of those slothful senators she smeared, wasn’t taking it sitting down. “Working together R’s & D’s helped save the jobs of 55 million Americans through PPP [the Paycheck Protection Program],” he fired back. “Work more, tweet less & one day you too can make a difference.” (Rubio clearly has a point about AOC’s love affair with Twitter. She’s been in Congress less than two years, yet she’s already fired off nearly twelve thousand of the substance-free mini-missives.)

“Republicans like to make fun of the fact that I used to be a waitress,” she added, “but we all know if they ever had to do a double they’d be the ones found crying in the walk-in fridge halfway through their first shift bc someone yelled at them for bringing seltzer when they wanted sparkling.”

AOC may have some thin skin about having been a waitress. But lots of folks work hard waiting tables or bartending or laboring in countless other ways, whether they’re young or old. One of our newest members of Congress, 69-year-old former NFLer Burgess Owens, for example, used to clean chimneys. Regardless, any self-styled working girl who’d walk away from a perfectly good name like Sandy Cortez in favor of a snooty, sesquipedalian mouthful like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deserves whatever ridicule comes her way.

While not a senator, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw felt compelled to weigh in as well. At a campaign rally this weekend for incumbent Georgia Senator David Perdue, Crenshaw said, “These people are nuts. It’s not just Chuck Schumer; Chuck Schumer is controlled by people like AOC, who believes that the biggest hardship in life was figuring out whether it was still or sparkling, and you don’t know hardship until you’ve cried in the back. … I was like, jeez, I am so glad I did not have to do that in my former career. That was our biggest problem in the mountains of Afghanistan … do we offer them still or sparkling, and what if they don’t like it? Rough out there, man.”

Crenshaw, who lost his right eye in 2012 to an IED in Helmand Province during his third deployment, added to AOC, “Thank you for highlighting how ridiculous you sound. We ‘republican elites’ who fought in the mountains of Afghanistan will just go ahead and check our privilege.”

AOC can’t seem to quit while she’s behind, and she appears intent on becoming her generation’s version of “Scranton Joe” Biden: a show-horse politician who consistently invokes her phony blue-collar roots.

If the results of November’s election are any indication, though, blue-collar folks aren’t buying it. As The New York Times’s Lisa Lerer reports, “Of the 265 counties most dominated by blue-collar workers — areas where at least 40 percent of employed adults have jobs in construction, the service industry or other nonprofessional fields — Mr. Biden won just 15, according to data from researchers at the Economic Innovation Group, a bipartisan policy research group.”

So much for the one-time party of the working class.