The Patriot Post® · Sacking a Principal's First Amendment Rights

By Mark Alexander ·

Amy Sacks is the principal of one of Pennsylvania’s highest-performing elementary schools. Well, she was principal of Evergreen Elementary until daring to exercise her First Amendment right to express her political opinion on her personal social media page, and then being fired “with little explanation.”

According to Sacks and her attorney, Francis Malofiy, who are now suing the school system for reinstatement, she was fired because her personal political views did not comport with those of her system’s superintendent, Barbara A. Russell, thus triggering an acute episode of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Sacks shared a series of memes expressing her personal views about a variety of issues last summer, my personal favorite being an image of a potato with the text, “If this potato was running against Joe Biden, I’d vote for the potato.”

I note Sacks “dared” to express her personal opinion because her profession is overwhelmingly controlled by statist Democrat Party bureaucrats who, like leftists in general, don’t tolerate divergent views. Increasingly, not only are the First Amendment rights of organizations like The Patriot Post being suppressed by social media platforms, but people like Sacks are being “canceled” by their employers for having the audacity to step off the leftist ideological plantation.

According to Sacks: “Perkiomen Valley School District and Superintendent Barbara Russell have decided that the First Amendment Freedom of Speech has no place in public schools and that teachers and administrators are unfit to serve if they hold and express political beliefs that are right of center. This cancel culture within the public school system has to stop. I was Principal of one of the best performing elementary schools in Pennsylvania and still fell victim to being cancelled out by liberal bureaucrats who don’t believe in diversity of thought, speech, opinion, or political affiliation.”

Sacks added: “With the support of my husband and family, I have decided to challenge the school district by filing a lawsuit against them to save my job. In doing so I hope to lead by example and inspire others to stand against the erosion of our constitutional rights in America. … Please understand that this is a very difficult issue for me to address and that it has hurt my family and ruined my career, but I have felt it necessary to let my family, friends, and others know the truth about what happened to me and why.”