The Patriot Post® · Fraud by the Numbers in Georgia

By Douglas Andrews ·

To our good friends and fellow Patriots in the Peach State just south of us: Get your, er, stuff together. And do it most ricky-tick. Your state’s electoral process is, by all credible accounts, messed up like a soup sandwich. And you have a crucial senatorial runoff election coming up on January 5 — one whose outcome will affect all of us in profound ways.

Currently, Republicans control the U.S. Senate 50-48. If Joe Biden does succeed in stealing this election, and if the GOP’s two Georgia senators lose their seats in the runoff, the resulting 50-50 Senate would have its ties broken by — it pains us deeply to say this — Vice President Kamala Harris, nonpartisan GovTrack’s “Most Liberal Senator” of 2019.

That’s right — her voting record outflanked Bernie Sanders on the left.

Losses by Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler would be catastrophic. Democrats would then do away with the filibuster, which has historically allowed the Senate to be the “cooling saucer” to the House’s hot tea. With the filibuster in place, minority rights are protected; without it, they’re trampled. Transformative legislation would then be enacted with a 51-50 vote rather than the now-necessary 60-40 supermajority. Think: court-packing, statehood for DC and Puerto Rico (and four more guaranteed Democrat Senate seats), Green New Deal, open borders, amnesty for illegals, strict gun control, Medicare for All, “free” college for all, student loan forgiveness, radical Cabinet appointments, hard-left judges, and plenty of other ruinous policies just waiting to be enacted.

Put simply, losing the Senate isn’t an option.

Which means we need to send radical Reverend Rafael Warnock and lightweight lefty Jon Ossoff packing. Which means we need a clean election in Georgia. And the news we’re hearing about massive ballot fraud and nasty infighting among the state’s Republican leadership doesn’t give us any confidence.

Take the news this week, as reported by National Review’s Ryan Mills, that the substance of a lawsuit filed by Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer and the Trump campaign is that thousands of illegal votes were cast in the November 3 election, including by felons, children, dead people, and non-residents.

“For two decades,” Mills writes, “Mark Alan Davis has urged Georgia’s leaders to clean the state’s voter rolls, and fix data errors that he feared could throw the state’s elections into doubt.” He then quotes Davis, who says, “For me, watching this election was like watching a very, very slow-moving train wreck. When you all of a sudden switch all of these folks from in-person voting to absentee voting, and the underlying data is a mess, then you’re going to get an election that’s a mess.”

So far, all the allegations of “massive” and “widespread” fraud we’ve heard about in the battleground states have been reported in big, round numbers: “tens of thousands of ballots” here, “suitcases of ballots” there. But we haven’t yet heard much in the way of hard, precise data analysis.

Until now. Davis and two other data experts have sworn in affidavits that Georgia’s voting system has numerous “control deficiencies” and “unreliable data governance policies” that have increased the risk of fraud. They say these systemic flaws cast doubt not only on Joe Biden’s narrow win in the state but in elections going back “many, many years.”

And they get specific: 4,502 people voted in Georgia despite not being registered, 2,560 inmates cast ballots, 66,247 people cast ballots who registered to vote before their 17th birthday, and as many as 10,315 people cast ballots who were dead before Election Day.

Is this any way to run a state? We’re not sure what goods the Democrats have on Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger — the latter of whom has dismissed the above numbers as “shoddy analysis” — but these two and others need to clean up this mess before January 5.

Otherwise the temporary loss of a presidential election will give way to the permanent loss of an entire country.