The Patriot Post® · GOP AGs to Hold the Line Against Biden-Harris Regime

By Thomas Gallatin ·

They’re calling it the “Save and Defend” plan. The 26 Republican state attorneys general have banded together with an organized and determined agenda to oppose the radical agenda of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. As Republican Attorneys General Association Executive Director Adam Piper put it, “If we lose the Senate, we are not the last line of defense; we are the only line of defense. It’s going to be first and goal at the half-yard line, and we are going to have to hold the line.” And following the apparent results of the Georgia runoff election, it’s looking likely that Piper is right.

However, this is not new territory for Republican state AGs, as they have the recent experience of countering the Obama-Biden administration. In fact, GOP AGs had a 60% success rate in their lawsuits against that regime’s tyrannical diktats.

And given the likelihood that a Biden-Harris administration will emulate Barack Obama’s “phone and pen” strategy, Georgia AG Chris Carr explained that Republicans are now ready for it. “We know there will be holdovers from those years invited back to the Biden administration. We know the playbook of relying heavily on executive orders,” Carr stated. “By getting out in front, launching the initiative and getting a coalition of Republican AGs thinking about these issues, we can be prepared to be the last line of defense.”

While Carr noted that over the last four years Democrat AGs have essentially thrown everything including the kitchen sink toward challenging every single action President Donald Trump took — and more often than not successfully thanks to left-leaning judges — the Republicans plan a more strategically targeted approach given the fact that many of the courts still lean left. “The [Biden-Harris] administration is going do things through executive orders that it is not allowed to do, and that is where we as state attorneys general have a chance to step in and be the guardrails for the rule of law and principles of federalism.”

Specifically, The Washington Times reports, “Republicans will largely target Mr. Biden’s efforts to enact the Green New Deal, reverse Mr. Trump’s immigration policies, reduce or redirect law enforcement funding, and any response to the coronavirus crisis that might infringe on the Constitution.”

It’s a source of hope that Republican AGs are already gearing up to engage in a years-long fight against the radical agenda of the extreme leftists who have taken over the Democrat Party — extremists who are pulling the strings behind the Biden-Harris administration.