The Patriot Post® · Christian Org Censored for Pointing Out Biology

By Nate Jackson ·

There are some immutable truths in this world that we can all agree on: A cloudless sky is blue, gravity keeps our feet on the ground, an XY chromosome pairing produces a male human… [record player screeches] Hold on a minute. YOU CAN’T SAY THAT! shout the leftist censors.

Among Joe Biden’s first acts was to hire Dr. Richard Rachel Levine as assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services. We warned that picking a so-called “transgender” individual for such a post was both pandering to a radical constituency and a trigger for silencing conservatives who have to talk about Levine and use actual facts and science to do it. It took about a week for that prophecy to come true.

The Daily Citizen, part of Focus on the Family, was suspended from Twitter for “hateful” rhetoric regarding Levine. That rhetoric? “Dr. Levine is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman.”

Except the Citizen’s comment is quite literally true.

According to a glowing 2016 bio in The Washington Post, “Levine does not discuss whether she took hormones or had surgery, calling it a private medical matter.” It’s not a “private medical matter” when organizations are being censored by Big Tech for attempting to explain the situation.

Reading Levine’s Wikipedia biography is like walking into George Orwell’s 1984. Just as history was revised according to whatever “Big Brother” wanted it to be at any given moment, Levine’s achievements all list him as her. Except that he didn’t even “identify” as her until after he had achieved many of those things as a man — like playing linebacker at an all-boys high school. He married and divorced a woman with whom he had two children. Yet, “She transitioned in 2011,” says Wikipedia, without elaborating on what that even means or getting the pronouns to agree chronologically. How could “she” “transition” unless he “became” “she”? And how can we even write about this stuff without confusing the heck out of people?

The answer is there’s no such thing as “transitioning.” It’s dangerous and harmful pseudoscience. Richard can go to therapy, grow his hair long, and change his name to Rachel, as Levine has. He can even dose up on hormones and undergo cosmetic body-altering surgery, which he won’t admit one way or the other. But he cannot change the immutable fact of his God-given XY chromosomes.

YOU CAN’T SAY THAT! scream the censors.

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly put it succinctly: “Big Tech titans are the new emperors of the twenty-first century, wielding an inordinate amount of power by silencing individuals and organizations that don’t comport or cave to their political or social point of view.”

And you may not point out that the emperor has no clothes.