The Patriot Post® · Three Lessons Conservatives Can Learn From Rush

By Patrick Hampton ·

I discovered radio legend Rush Limbaugh later than many of his longtime fans, but for reasons that may be different from many of his listeners. His message caught my ears after my disgust with “black radio” and the radical progressive direction it was taking with its listeners. In fact, these talkingheads would often attack Rush, which led me to seek him out. Interestingly enough, I found that many of the things this so-called “racist” was saying was in accord with my own feelings. From that point on, he had a new fan in me. Today, Rush’s absence leaves very big shoes to fill for conservatives, and there’s much we can learn from a man who spoke without fear.

  1. Rush stood for his message regardless of the many ways the progressive mob tried to come for him. This is a critical lesson for my conservative friends — especially my Caucasian brothers and sisters who fear the “r” word: racism. Rush loved America through the harsh criticism and media attacks. When he called President Barack Obama a “halfrican,” leftists came for his throat despite the fact that Obama, indeed, is half-American and half-African. The term couldn’t be truer, yet Rush garnered much backlash for saying the obvious. We can learn from his example — that telling the truth comes at a price.

  2. He was a man of faith. An unwavering spirit, Rush never cowered to the status quo. RINOs today are seeking inclusivity, perhaps to gain a political edge. Rush was a follower of Jesus Christ and never apologized for it, especially in his last days. His faith was crystal clear as he challenged atheism and progressivism as moral platforms in ways few pastors have courage to do today. TV anchors are afraid to say the G-word, but Rush was not.

  3. During his last days, Rush set a solid example for the future of conservative radio. His battle with lung cancer could not stop his voice as he championed President Donald Trump through the challenging 2020 election. A true friend to the MAGA movement, his message resonated with consistency and conviction that most radio hosts could only dream to possess. He didn’t sign off until the almost very end, and Rush’s perseverance should encourage the next generation of conservatives who want to carry the torch of free speech — however harsh or bitter it may taste.

I owe this Patriot and his family my heartfelt prayers and great patience as we conservative influencers keep his spirit of faith, dedication, and courage on-air for all of America to hear.