The Patriot Post® · BLM's Death Toll

By Thomas Gallatin ·

A funny thing happened this past year on the way to the Left’s police-free social justice paradise of Wokeville — the homicide rate spiked. While mobs of Black Lives Matter activists marched, looted, and burned their way to “racial justice,” the number of individuals who lost their lives due to increasing rates of violent crime rose dramatically.

In tracking the homicide rate across major U.S. cities since 2015, journalist Steve Sailer recently made a telling observation. Since the death of George Floyd and the protesting and rioting that quickly followed calling for the defunding of the police, the murder rate across the nation’s major cities has essentially doubled.

Dubbing it the “Minneapolis Effect,” Sailer cites City Crime Stats (CCS) on homicides. Sailer found that “for these 19 cities for which CCS has day by day data through the end of September, [the number of homicides] ended the third quarter cumulatively up 30%.” He further notes, “Nationally, the largest ever one year increase in homicides was murderous 1968, when Martin Luther King’s assassination set off riots, at 12.7% followed by 2015 during the First BLM Era, when murders went up 12.1%. So, 2020 was the worst year for increase in homicides over the 60 years for which we have reliable data.”

So, while BLM has been largely successful in duping millions of Americans into believing the fallacious narrative of a systemically racist society that permits and even facilitates a plague of racist cops to hunt down and kill black Americans, the number of bodies piling up as a result of the lack of a police presence, especially in black inner-city neighborhoods, has been the result.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Protecting and saving black lives doesn’t appear to genuinely matter to BLM. Moving the anti-American, anti-capitalist agenda forward is BLM’s actual goal. Besides that it pays, as BLM raked in over $90 million last year.