The Patriot Post® · God's Green Earth

By Nate Jackson ·

Aren’t we supposed to be thinking about “climate lockdowns” to reduce emissions and combat global warming climate change? Maybe the folks pushing that idea missed the recent updated memo from NASA — the earth is still getting greener.

At the turn of the century, NASA explained its measurement technique: “By carefully measuring the wavelengths and intensity of visible and near-infrared light reflected by the land surface back up into space, scientists use an algorithm called a ‘Vegetation Index’ to quantify the concentrations of green leaf vegetation around the globe.”

We’re old enough to remember when the environmental problems threatening our existence were deforestation and holes in the ozone layer. As it turns out, there is 10% more vegetation now than there was in 2000, and the trend began at least 10 years before that. To add insult to injury for the ecofascists, the greening is because of human activity, and it offsets emissions and ozone holes far more effectively than mandates or carbon taxes. Another benefit is more food for an increasing world population.

This isn’t new information, of course, as our Jordan Candler wrote two years ago. But it’s worth highlighting once again amidst the renewed panic as the Biden administration rejoins the Paris Agreement.

The entire environmental movement could stand to be actually more green and a whole lot less red.