The Patriot Post® · Biden Injects Race into HR 1

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Democrats have long had a knack for twisting language in order to promote an agenda item that often accomplishes exactly the opposite of what the language they’re using suggests. HR 1, which passed the House last Wednesday, is a classic example of this language game. The “For the People Act” is anything but. In reality, it’s the “For the Leftist Tyranny Act.”

Our Louis DeBroux dug into just how terrible this bill is for securing Americans’ freedom. Suffice it to say, the bill would essentially eradicate any checks against election fraud, ensuring that Americans have no confidence in the integrity of future elections. As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, HR 1 would essentially put it on steroids.

In an effort to combat the Democrats’ gambit, several state legislatures have introduced over 250 bills with the aim of ensuring election integrity. These bills are designed to correct and prevent the myriad of election abuses largely perpetrated by Democrats in 2020. Naturally, Democrats portray the GOP effort as attempted voter suppression, so it came as little surprise that Joe Biden on Sunday issued yet another executive order on the subject, intentionally timed to coincide with the Civil Rights anniversary of “Bloody Sunday.”

Democrats often call for legislation that blatantly steps all over the Constitution by claiming that it’s “urgently needed” to strengthen and protect democracy. In the same vein, Biden’s EO will expand “access” to voter registration, which, again, is intentionally designed to create the false narrative that Republicans are trying to “suppress” the vote.

Responding to the Democrats’ passage of HR 1, some 20 state attorneys general sent a letter to the U.S. House and Senate blasting HR 1 as unconstitutional and “alarming” because it would usurp the states’ constitutional rights and authority to manage their own elections. The AGs contend that the Founding Fathers intentionally sought to divide power between the federal government and the states to determine “how presidential electors would be chosen in order to avoid presidential dependence on Congress for position and authority.” Therefore, “Congress may not force states to permit presidential voting by mail or curbside voting, for example.” The letter, citing HR 1’s unconstitutional infringements, noted, “Perhaps the most egregious is [HR 1’s] limitations on voter ID laws,” of which 35 states currently require and HR 1 expressly eliminates.

Meanwhile, four months after the election, Georgia has still failed to produce chain-of-custody documents for more than 400,000 absentee ballots submitted in drop boxes. In a state where the 2020 presidential election was decided by fewer than 12,000 votes, the lack of these documents is disconcerting. The Georgia Star News reports, “In all, chain of custody documents for more than two-thirds — 67.5 percent — 404,691, of the total 600,000 votes cast via drop boxes have not been provided by county officials.”

With HR 1, Democrats are working to make situations like that the norm. Less oversight and less assurance of election integrity, all while Biden is playing the race card in an effort to browbeat the Senate into enshrining this type of election abuse.