The Patriot Post® · The Media's Assault on Young Men

By Patrick Hampton ·

America witnessed what was supposed to be an adorable conversation with Michelle Obama and Zaya, the son-turned-daughter of basketball star Dwayne Wade. Instead, many God-fearing Christians witnessed the peak of a gender-dysphoria agenda that has been pushed on our youth for the past few years. As the former first lady snapped her fingers, parents like myself woke up to the reality that our society has officially left our boys behind.

Many young people look to Hollywood stars to map out their lives. This is nothing new. What’s sad is that many of these celebrities are adopting a trend that permits “gender fluidity” in their own children. Girls wearing boys’ jerseys have gone beyond just being “tomboyish.” These famous parents claim that choosing a gender is their child’s choice. Unfortunately, people with great influence will convince others to do the same.

Today’s parents say to me, “My son is choosing to be a girl,” only to learn that a mother encouraged and enabled this frame of mind. I find it strange that children aren’t old enough to do things like vote, get married, rent a car, etc., because they aren’t wise enough to do any of these things without great risk. But by today’s progressive parent logic, a toddler understands what gender is and which one he or she wants to be. But where does this lead? What becomes of a life that starts with such profound confusion?

Disappointment comes first, and then hatred for a society that allowed these abominations to occur. Because once a child becomes a young adult and learns the truth about himself, he will only resent his parents while bringing chaos wherever he goes. Resentment will pour into his future relationships, just like I have seen in counseling young people raised in single-parent and abusive households. In fact, a house that doesn’t honor God’s template for humanity — male and female — is abusive, too. This will only lead to more “feminine males” with no one to be the heads of the women and children. If you want to know how to bring down a nation, this is how it’s done. Parents have the power to prevent a collapse such as this, if only they would turn their faces toward God’s perfect design, once known as science.

What does a future look like without masculine men at the helm? The Bible warned about past societies that allowed the inexperienced and the women to rule over them (Isaiah 3:12). The Lord had specific rules but instead wives were allowed to influence their ruler husbands only to open up their nation to despair and misdirection as we saw even with the fall of the Roman Empire. As for Americans today who accept and embrace the transgender cultural shift, they are about to find out why the Bible is called The Living Word.