The Patriot Post® · Woke Pentagon Declares War on Tucker Carlson

By Douglas Andrews ·

As an E-9 and a master gunnery sergeant, Scott Stalker is among the senior-most enlisted men in the U.S. Marine Corps. So he should certainly know better than to spend taxpayer dollars cutting a Twitter video to attack a civilian opinion journalist, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

“Drama TV,” Stalker begins. “Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what I call it. … I understand some comments were made [recently], and I watched the clip that Mr. Carlson produced as he referred to pregnant women in the military. I’ll remind everyone that his opinion, which he has a right to, is based off of actually zero days of service in the armed forces. … My opinion is based off of 28 years of actual service in the military.”

Got that, folks? Carlson “has a right” to his opinion, but we should dismiss it because some pencil-pushing Beltway Marine with 28 years of mostly desk duty says we should. (I served in the Marines from 1993-99, so the master guns can’t dismiss this E-5 quite as easily as he did Tucker.) And here we’d remind Stalker that every decision of his commander in chief, Joe Biden — the guy who’s intent on turning our military from the world’s most lethal fighting force into the world’s most woke — is also the product of “zero days of service in the armed forces.”


Stalker goes on to tell us why Carlson is wrong to wonder whether pregnant warriors are an essential element of our warfighting posture, and he unleashes a blizzard of non sequiturs in an incoherent attempt to argue that, yes, women with babies in utero actually make us “a more lethal and ready and fit force.”

He then stands up a straw man that would’ve made Barack Obama blush: “We value our families in the military.” As if Carlson had made anything remotely resembling the opposite claim.

Finally, as if to concede the weakness of his case, Stalker invokes the Almighty — not once, not twice, but five times. God bless just about everyone, he sort of says. (Where’s that atheist agitator Mikey Weinstein when we need him?)

“Perhaps maternity flight suits have been around for a while,” said Carlson on Friday, in response to the DoD’s woke supremacists. “We’ve never heard of them. But here was the President of the United States promoting them at a press conference. That phrase stuck out not because we have some hateful bias against pregnant women flying military jets. We’re pro-pregnancy, as we often say. We’re also open-minded. Maybe pregnant women make the best pilots. The Department of Defense measures everything, so there has to be extensive research on this question. … The problem is, we’re pretty confident that Joe Biden hasn’t asked to see those numbers. We’d bet money he never even thought to ask. The rest of us depend on the U.S. military to protect our families and to protect the country itself. Joe Biden doesn’t see it that way. Finding the most effective military pilots — or infantry officers, or SEAL teams — is not his priority. It’s not even close to his priority. Identity politics is Joe Biden’s priority. It’s all that matters.”

And when it comes to hammering home identity politics at the expense of warfighting readiness, Scranton Joe has clearly found a willing dupe.

But Stalker wasn’t the only one unleashed by the DOD. Take this article on the official Pentagon website, for example: “Press Secretary Smites Fox Host That Dissed Diversity in U.S. Military.”

Since when does our military brag about verbally abusing opinion journalists? As Power Line’s Scott Johnson opines, “Having brought out the big guns, the Pentagon is flailing. My assessment is that they are losing in a humiliating fashion. The Pentagon’s approach to the Carlson crisis is most telling. Biden’s Pentagon has picked a needless fight. It is abasing itself and losing in the process.”

MGySgt Stalker’s attack on Carlson, a civilian journalist, was indeed a disgrace. In fact, judging by the looks of Stalker, he should refrain from attacking journalists and instead start attacking those dead-hangs and that run time and that Rifle Expert badge that seems to have avoided him.

And if he thinks our critique is unduly harsh, he should remember: By his own ridiculous standards, we’ve earned the right to say it.