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Editor’s Note: Each week we receive hundreds of comments and correspondences — and we read every one of them. What follows are a few thought-provoking comments about specific articles. The views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect those of The Patriot Post.

Re: “Dems Strategize to Eliminate Senate Filibuster

“The racist Democrats conveniently ignore the fact that there were also ‘black, brown, indigenous, working poor people who came out and voted for’ Republicans. They did so because they don’t want their opportunities to improve their own situations destroyed by monster government. The Democrats are typically hypocritical on the filibuster issue. They gleefully used it on many occasions to scuttle Republican initiatives to reform government spending, limit government intrusion, and improve border security. The only change that should be made to the filibuster rule is that tabling a bill following failure of a motion to cease debate should not be automatic, but should be a separate motion and vote.” —Minnesota

Re: “The Devastating Price of Ineffective Lockdowns

“Anyone claiming that Biden saved anything is delirious. Hatred of Trump doesn’t alter all truths. I think there might even be a chunk of the lefty crowd that realizes what a disastrous error dumping Trump was in favor of a brain-dead robot like Biden — the guy is way too obviously challenged to deny it. I honestly have difficulty digesting his intellectual fog. I figured that the right-wing media was exaggerating and wondered just how much of the mental decline yak was really true. Most obviously, all of it. Biden is a puppet doing a dance for the uber-lefties.” —New York

Re: “Can States’ Rights Prevent Federal Immigration Anarchy?

“If Texas is effectively stopping this obvious unconstitutional travesty, I wish it all the luck in the world with its efforts. The only downside to this is that Texas is only one-third of the southern border — the leeches will just shift farther west to take advantage of the New Mexico, Arizona, and California borders, where various illegal sanctuary cities await with open democratic arms.” —North Carolina

“In the next three to six months, we will see skyrocketing drug overdoses as a result of the border policy that isn’t. Recall what happened just a short time ago with fentanyl. Border enforcement and drug shipment interdiction finally brought the deaths and carnage down. More drugs flowing in means lower prices for drugs and widespread abuse. If the major cities are in decline, as we can readily see, this will be one more huge problem to blame on someone else. On top of this, we have the defund-the-police movement, so drugs will flow freely. God help the addicts, their families, and law-abiding citizens that will have to deal with massively increasing violent crime rates.” —Pennsylvania

Re: “The Media’s Assault on Young Men

“No one seems concerned that women now earn 60% of all college degrees. There are more women than men in all years of medical school. Engineering and Computer Science are the only two studies with predominantly more males than females. But STEM has been pushing women into those two categories too for the last decade. This situation may not end well for men either.” —Pennsylvania

Re: “Demos Arrange DC Military Service Ribbons

“The award of overblown accolades to military forces is a standard tactic of dictatorships, particularly at the beginning of power consolidation. They have to curry favor with the troops. My guess is most of the recipients will see right through it and the ribbons will become at best dust-catchers in the back of drawers. I hope the Republicans in Congress are brave enough to put this on the list of wasteful uses of taxpayer money.” —Minnesota

“I’m viscerally opposed to ‘stolen valor,’ but even more so to awards bequeathed by dictum. Participation ribbons show experience, but not individual merit. Some are ‘lost'
 due to embarrassment. This award seems destined to acquire that ignoble fate.” —Missouri