The Patriot Post® · Dems Are Pushing an Anti-Gun Agenda

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Democrats don’t want women or minorities having easy access to their Second Amendment rights. That might be the logical conclusion one would arrive at after seeing the congressional Democrats’ gun control agenda.

The House recently passed two gun control bills with nearly universal Democrat support. The first would impose background checks on all private person-to-person firearm sales, while the other bill pushes the background check out to 10 days, forcing many individuals to wait longer to exercise their 2A rights.

How are these bills especially antagonistic toward women and minorities? As the Wall Street Journal editorial board observes, “The bills are aimed at making it harder to acquire and own guns. Democrats are betting that background checks are popular, but the result in practice may be to spur more gun sales.” Yet as the National Shooting Sports Foundation discovered last year, some 40% of all firearm sales were to women, and of those, 58% were black. Thus, the impact of the new bills would disproportionately hurt minority women.

Representative Ben Cline (R-VA) argued that all the Democrats’ bills would accomplish is to make Second Amendment rights harder for Americans to access while doing nothing to address crime. “I will not stand by and allow our rights to be stripped away,” Cline said. “My colleagues on the other side of the aisle claim that these bills will save lives. However, nothing in them would have stopped any of the recent mass casualty shootings that have occurred in our country. Rather than go after criminals who break the law, Democrats want to create a false narrative that will criminalize private gun ownership. Democrats will tell you that these bills close loopholes. But the loophole they believe exists is that law-abiding Americans are even able to own guns in the first place.”