The Patriot Post® · Biden Bucks Go for Guns

By Thomas Gallatin ·

One of the hottest items Americans purchased with previous coronavirus “relief” checks has been firearms, and there’s nothing to indicate that trend won’t continue.

When the first round of $1,200 COVID stimulus checks was released last year, firearm sales across the country spiked, with background checks surging 25% from the prior year. Sales jumped again in December with the second round of relief, with background checks coming in 34% higher than the last year.

Now many are predicting yet another rush in firearms sales following the most recent $1,400 stimulus. “Stimulus check equals gun money,” stated one Florida gun store owner. "I do anticipate that when people get a stimulus check they will spend it on firearms, accessories, high-capacity magazines, and ammo, if they can get it.“

Given the current social and political environment, it’s easy to understand why so many Americans are arming up. Activist organizations like Black Lives Matter and antifa continue to engage in looting, rioting, and violence, all while touting their message of defunding police. That combination of growing lawlessness has provided enough justification for many Americans to actively embrace their Second Amendment rights.

On the political side, with Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington pushing gun control, many Americans see the writing on the wall. They have decided to ensure they have access to firearms before the Democrats pass legislation banning them. Last year, the FBI did 39.6 million background checks, of which eight million were for first-time gun buyers.

Finally, it’s a bit of poetic justice for the Democrats’ massive $1.9 trillion "stimulus” that at least some of it is being used by Americans to defend themselves in the spirit of our nation’s Founding Fathers.

Joe Biden is making a run on winning the latest award for “Gun Salesman of the Year.”