The Patriot Post® · Kamala Becomes Biden's Border Czar

By Thomas Gallatin ·

President-in-Waiting Kamala Harris may have just laughed off a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, but that didn’t stop Joe Biden from tapping her as his new border czar to lead the effort in tackling the “dangerous surge of migration” at the U.S. southern border.

Thousands of unaccompanied minors are now being held in cages facilities while the number of illegals entering the U.S. has reached the highest level in 20 years. Yet the White House continues to reject calling the massive migrant surge a “crisis,” despite the fact that current numbers are six times higher than what the Obama administration called crisis levels. Perhaps using Harris as a border fixer means Biden has finally recognized that he’s losing the PR battle and must at least appear to be doing something.

“This increase has been consequential,” Biden admitted. “I can think of nobody who is better qualified than this woman, who led the second-biggest attorney general’s office in America.” Yikes.

This time avoiding any laughter, Harris embraced the role by once again referencing the administration’s ridiculous “come but just not yet” message. “There’s no question that this is a challenging situation,” she said. “While we are clear that people should not come to the border now, we also understand that we will enforce the law [emphasis added].”

The news of Harris taking the lead in dealing with the border crisis was certainly not welcomed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who blasted her as “the worst possible choice.” He highlighted an inconvenient truth: “At no point in her career has [Harris] given any indication that she considers the border a problem or a serious threat. If President Biden’s intent was to show that he’s taking this issue seriously, he’s really done the exact opposite [and has] completely trivialized the issue by putting someone in charge who flat out just doesn’t care.”

Ducey noted that Biden is “totally divorced from the reality on the ground” and has yet to visit the border. “I’ve been governor under three presidents,” he said, “and this is by far the worst situation we’ve seen. Washington has never been more out of touch, and it starts at the top.”

Meanwhile, Biden continued to deflect responsibility for the border crisis by, of course, blaming Donald Trump, this time by making the ridiculous assertion that Trump’s decision to opt against using a $700 million federal program targeting Northern Triangle countries was the causal factor. “The best way to keep them from coming,” Biden claimed, “is to keep them from wanting to leave.” He meant leave their home countries, we’re sure. Really.

However, even Mexico’s leftist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador knows that Biden, not Trump, is to blame. He recently stated, “Expectations were created that with the government of President Biden there would be a better treatment of migrants. And this has caused Central American migrants, and also from our country, wanting to cross the border thinking that it is easier to do so.”

Now Harris, who as a Democrat presidential candidate held a radical open-borders policy position — she advocated for the decriminalization of illegal border crossings — will now lead the border-enforcement effort. What could go wrong?