The Patriot Post® · Biden: A Border Crisis 'Happens Every Year'

By Brian Mark Weber ·

You know our nation’s border policies are failing when Mexico’s Marxist president blames America for the surge of migrants heading for the border.

And that’s exactly what Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador recently asserted when he observed that President Joe Biden’s promise of better treatment for migrants encouraged them to seek refuge in the United States. Lopez Obrador added, “They see Biden as the migrant president.”

For his part, Biden was dismissive in his first press conference yesterday. “The truth of the matter is nothing has changed,” the president said of the crisis he’s created on the border. “It happens every year.” As Joe himself might also say, that’s a bunch of malarkey.

The new drapes weren’t even hung in the Oval office when America’s “migrant president” made it clear that people leaving El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala would have a home in the United States.

Within a few hours after his inauguration, Biden immediately suspended Donald Trump’s Remain in Mexico program. On an important side note, Biden suggested yesterday during his presser that all families should return to Mexico, basically endorsing the very program he just halted weeks ago.

Biden also pledged to increase the annual number of refugees allowed into the country to 125,000 from Trump’s cap of 15,000. Again, the message was clear: Our borders are wide open.

Jim Clifton, the chairman and CEO of the Gallup polling organization, posted results of a survey in which 120 million people currently living in Latin America and the Caribbean would like to migrate to another country. Of those, 42 million want to come to the United States.

That’s a wonderful testament to the American Dream that Democrats are always running down, but we cannot sustain that level of immigration. Yet Democrats encourage it.

Eager to appease leftists and establishment Republicans, Biden ended funding for Trump’s border wall. The problem is he didn’t have the authority to bypass Congress. Biden is under review by the Government Accounting Office for cutting off that funding. This comes after dozens of Republicans in the House and Senate pressured the GAO to look into the matter.

Meanwhile, President Biden has so far failed to nominate someone to take the reins of the 60,000-member Customs and Border Protection agency. Put it all together and it’s no wonder that more than 100,000 migrants crossed the border last month alone.

As Neil Diamond sings, “They’re coming to America.”

In droves.

All of this could have been avoided, but no worries. Biden just handed off the crisis (yes, it’s a crisis) to President-in-Waiting Kamala Harris. Yes, the same Harris who once compared ICE agents to the KKK, introduced legislation to cut back on detention beds by 50%, and claimed holding kids in detention centers for more than 72 hours was inhumane.

Let’s be fair. The Biden-Harris administration does have a plan: pile migrants onto Greyhound buses and ship them to a town near you. But some state governors aren’t ready to roll out the red carpet.

The plan to transport migrants from the southern border to the U.S.-Canadian border is being met with resistance in Montana. Anna Giaritelli reports, “Gov. Greg Gianforte and Attorney General Austin Knudsen told Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that they opposed the idea of Customs and Border Protection using Immigration and Customs Enforcement airplanes to transport migrant families and children across the country due to a shortage of holding facilities in states on the southern border.”

The border disaster unfolding before the eyes of the American people is changing minds.

In just one month, support for a so-called pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens has dropped from 57% to 43% among registered voters, according to a Politico/Morning Consult poll released this week. Democrat support fell from 72% to 57%.

What’s happening on the border is criminal, and human lives will be lost in the process. At some point, the Keystone Cops running the White House need to decide who’s running the show and come up with a plan that’ll be humane for the migrants and respect the rule of law in America.

Don’t count on it.