The Patriot Post® · In Brief: How to Beat the Woke

By Political Editors ·

A couple of weeks ago, Glenn Reynolds offered his insights into how to defeat woke tyrants. His latest offering is very similar — “How to beat the woke: Never apologize, rally friends and punch back harder.”

Americans hate woke culture… Black, white, Republican and Democrat, a large majority of Americans oppose it. … What can you do about it — especially if you or someone you are close to comes under attack? In short, it keeps going because it’s easy and fun — and you have to make it less so.

Lesson one: Don’t panic — and don’t give in. … Never apologize, don’t act afraid, and, to borrow a phrase from [Barack] Obama, “punch back twice as hard.” Call the mob out for what it is: a bunch of bad people trying to pretend they stand for something moral. Going after people for their political views this way isn’t an act of morality. It’s an attempt at political terrorism, and it’s un-American.

The second lesson: Stick together. The woke mob tries to isolate its victims and to make others afraid to stand up for them. Instead, it’s important to ask for help from friends and potential supporters, if you’re a target, and to offer it to the targets if you’re on the sidelines. Solidarity.

He then relates the story of “the University of San Diego Law School, whose dean shamefully capitulated to an absurd student campaign against a professor who did nothing wrong.” Several professors rallied together to oppose a sorry group of students who made life hell for the dean. Outside groups got involved as well, pressuring a change of course.

And that’s lesson three. University and corporate bosses give into the woke because it’s painless and easier than fighting them. Make it painful and difficult instead, and they’ll change their ways. Take this to heart. The sane can win.

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