The Patriot Post® · Georgia Boosts Election Integrity

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has signed into law the states Election Integrity bill, which that aims to boost voter integrity and prevent fraud associated with no-ID bulk-mail balloting, as was prevalent in the 2020 election. “Significant reforms to our state elections were needed,” Kemp explained. “There’s no doubt there were many alarming issues with how the election was handled, and those problems, understandably, led to a crisis of confidence in the ballot box here in Georgia.” The bill passed 34-20 in the state Senate and 100-75 in the state House.

For the record, regarding the requirement of voter ID, almost 75% of Americans support that requirement.

Of course, the crisis of confidence in the 2020 election was not limited to Georgia. Democrats exploited the coronavirus pandemic across the nation to push for massive mail-in balloting with few checks in place to guard against fraud. The results proved contentious as millions of Americans had and still have little confidence in the legitimacy of the election results.

Georgia is just the first of several Republican-run states to remedy the election abuses witnessed in 2020. Several sates are lining up to oppose the blatant partisan power grab by congressional Democrats with their HR 1 “election reform” bill — legislation that would nationalize these abuses.

Georgia’s election bill did offer compromises for Democrats. Early voting for both primary and general elections was expanded, as was allowing drop boxes placed in early-voting locations, though these will be accessible only when the sites are open. Voting remains in place on one pre-election Sunday, which was a demand to accommodate black churches. Furthermore, the bill continues to allow no-excuse absentee ballot applications, but these ballots must be matched to ID numbers, eliminating the subjective and contentious process of signature verification. One item the GOP did not compromise on is that in-person voters will need to show IDs, and those who need an ID can get one for free.

Democrats have predictably responded to the bill by crying “voter suppression,” with Joe Biden calling Georgia’s law “un-American” and an “atrocity,” while ridiculously asserting that the legislation “makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.” They continue to argue that minorities are somehow less capable of getting IDs, which supposedly makes this requirement “racist.”

The truth is this bill is anything but Jim Crow 2.0. If anything, it presents a compromise — something congressional Democrats were unwilling to entertain when they rammed HR 1 through the House on a party-line vote, and something they’re deliberately trying to quash by arguing for eliminating the filibuster in order to pass S 1. Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock routinely deflected on the filibuster question on the campaign trail, but now that he’s seated in the Senate, the filibuster is suddenly a problem and needs to go. That’s Democrat politics in a nutshell.

Update: Even The Washington Post gave Biden “four Pinocchios” for his outlandish lies about Georgia’s law.