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Editor’s Note: Each week we receive hundreds of comments and correspondences — and we read every one of them. What follows are a few thought-provoking comments about specific articles. The views expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect those of The Patriot Post.

Re: “COVID Vaccine Passports?

“Governor Ron DeSantis gets it and does it right! A COVID vaccine passport violates the 5th and 14th Amendments and HIPAA laws protecting the confidentiality of our medical history. Name ONE piece of medical history (except prosthetics) we are compelled to reveal to anyone other than our doctor. Roe v. Wade (the ‘right’ to an abortion) was decided on the right to privacy. No woman can be compelled to reveal she is getting, or had, an abortion because the patient-doctor relationship is private. Subsequent rulings increased legal protections for abortionists. Yet, arguably, the murder of an unborn child is far more consequential than a COVID vaccine. COVID kills only ~0.056%. Abortion kills 100%!” —Missouri

“Passports are the proper business of the FEDERAL government. However, the Constitution does guarantee citizens free passage between the several states, which the federal government cannot impede. Passports are NOT required to travel between states, whether by land, water, or air. Now, if the federal government wants to forbid RE-entry into the U.S. FROM a foreign country without either a ‘special’ passport or a quarantine period … that might stick.” —Florida

Re: “Deplorable Clinton Slams ‘Gun Worshipers’

“The one point that almost everyone ignores is that the original Constitution commands that there be an armed citizenry in order ‘to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions’ (Article I, § 8, Cl. 15). Neither Congress nor the states can change that fact. It is the people who control the arms required ‘to execute the Laws.’ Congress is granted only the delegated authority ‘To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia,’ not the opposite. A militia is not the fiction that most people believe, nor can it be the National Guard.” —Pennsylvania

“You left out the part about Clinton lumping herself in with ‘us’ while painting a picture of the common folk in peril. In reality, she has the benefit of lifetime Secret Service protection. She will always be surrounded by guns, even if the rest of ‘us’ are disarmed.” —Texas

Re: “The ‘Gay’ Assault on Family and Faith

“Mr. Alexander warned us that a few would find his column offensive. I thought,
 ‘Surely not.’ But it was indeed. I am a gay (homosexual, if you prefer) gentleman in my middle years, and surely a tad older that Mr. Alexander. I would like to assure him that I am not the least bit ‘confused,’ and does it matter if I am in 10%, 5.6%, or 1% of the population? Of course it doesn’t. As a gay conservative, I am flabbergasted by the leftism of my peers. I agree with none of the tactics and little of the LGBTQ agenda. However, what I am not seeing from Mr. Alexander is an understanding that we are not a 
group of predators.” —California

“As a gay man, I agree with nearly everything in the article. The LGBTQ organizations that push the agenda are in it for the adulation and the money. The trans nonsense is nothing more than the next step. Once gay rights became fairly mainstream and donations to the cause fell off, they needed something new. Voila! Transgenderism is clearly a mental disorder that rejects the science of biology. If they ever make this mainstream, they will move on to the final frontier — pedophilia. Actually, it’s already going on, but it’s denied and covered up at every level.” —Arizona

Re: “Cali Teachers Favor Illegal Immigrants

“Giggling and laughter is often a cover for lack of knowledge, understanding, and personal confidence, and the current VP tends to do a lot of that. Still waiting for her to take on the humanitarian crisis at the the southern border. It’s been more than a week since the president assigned her the task of fixing it, and there’s still no cogent acknowledgement or indication of her approach. One has to wonder about her ability to lead our nation, particularly in light of the observable, continued decline of Joe Biden’s ability do so. Though hard to believe, and even more disconcerting, Ms Harris may be even less competent than Joe Biden to lead the free world.” —Florida