The Patriot Post® · Big Business Going Woke Over Voting Laws

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Over the weekend, dozens of CEOs from some of America’s top corporations joined a web teleconference in which they expressed opposition to Georgia’s new voter-integrity law while also committing their companies to promoting “woke” politics. Falsely framing the Peach State’s new voting law, passed by Georgia’s Republican-majority legislature and signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp, as voter suppression that discriminates against minority voters, the CEOs were encouraged to sign a public statement opposing the law.

It’s apparent none of these CEOs has taken the time to actually read the bill, because all of them are taking action based upon the fallacious characterization of the legislation promoted by Joe Biden, Democrats, and the Leftmedia. Is the mere accusation of racism and bigotry enough to get these CEOs to bow to the myriad of virtue-signaling demands made by the woke cancel culture mobs on social media? And do they really believe they’re doing what consumers want? Apparently so.

Historically, big business has found itself more politically in line with Republicans, as the GOP is the party advocating for free-market capitalism, lower taxes, and less government regulation. However, in the last few years, there appears to be a shift occurring, and big business has begun publicly siding with cultural leftists and their woke politics. The Democrat Party has increasingly embraced the divisive politics of the extreme Left, and now corporate America is apparently heading down the same path. Not only is it unacceptable to endorse conservative policies, but a company must now publicly condemn such policies and threaten to withhold business if such policies aren’t reversed.

What is emerging is a new fascism in which corporate America is increasingly doing the bidding of Democrats, because CEOs have surmised that such a move is good for business.

Case in point: Last week, woke corporate appeasement took the form of Major League Baseball shifting the All-Star Game venue from majority-black Atlanta to majority-white Denver because the Georgia legislature upheld the principles of voter integrity. Voter integrity is antithetical to the Democrats’ HR 1 bulk-mail ballot strategy to ensure perpetual Democrat rule. If HR 1 becomes law, institutionalizing voter fraud, corporate execs want to ensure they will have the Democrats’ in their pockets. Ironically, but predictably, the MLB move from Atlanta has clobbered minority-owned small businesses, but for radical leftists, these businesses are acceptable casualties in their race-hustling charade.

It’s clear that big businesses fear that if they don’t go woke, they’ll go broke. So election integrity be damned, no matter how much they wax poetic about how they’re acting to protect “American democracy.”