The Patriot Post® · In Brief: Why I've Stopped Watching Sports

By Political Editors ·

Like millions of other Americans tired of “woke” politics infecting everything, Candace Owens has given up on sports.

She recounts what it used to be like gathering with family, friends, and neighbors to unite around common heroes and teams. It was an escape from the struggles of life. No more.

Sports. That used to be a nice thing. It united us. In those moments nobody cared about anything else. That’s why athletes seemed larger than life. Because they had the unique ability to unite the country, unite the world. …

It’s different now though. Sure, athletes are still athletes. They are still performing incredible feats and breaking records, but it’s different. We all feel it. Now, it seems like athletes want to become great for the express purpose of patronizing regular people.

Whether it’s painting the basketball court with “Black Lives Matter” or plastering the name of a dead thug on NFL helmets, sports has become all about “stoking controversy.”

Sports are no longer just sports — they’re now woke activism. It’s no longer about transcendence. It’s about submission. It’s about power. Do you like this team? Then you better agree with this hotly contested political topic, or they don’t like you.

Personally, I’ve stopped watching sports. When sports leagues began telling me who I had to be, I stopped watching. When players became billboards for political interest groups, I lost interest. Because I know who I am, and I know what they are. They are mouthpieces for woke corporations that want nothing more than control over my mind — and that was never for sale.

If enough people made the individual decision to simply say no to this divisive nonsense, we could make a difference. And maybe we can one day get some of those nice things back.

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