The Patriot Post® · Biden Spreads His Border Crisis Across the Country

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Illegal aliens are continuing to flood into the U.S. due to Joe Biden’s near-nonexistent policies on border control. And as federal migrant housing facilities swell beyond capacity, the Department of Health and Human Services’s Administration for Children and Families has awarded a no-bid $530 million contract to Family Endeavors to help with the “emergency intake” and “wrap-around care” of migrant children.

First, don’t forget that many of these “children” are older teens, not the toddlers of Time magazine covers. Second, this is cronyism at its “finest.”

“The contract is the second-largest ever to be awarded by ACF and the second from HHS to go to Family Endeavors,” the Washington Examiner reports. “Already, HHS has opened more than a dozen emergency facilities in southern border states, as well as Michigan and Pennsylvania, to hold the more than 18,000 children in its care as of Monday.” And this is the second time in less than a month that the Biden administration has awarded Family Endeavors with a no-bid lucrative contract, the first totaling $87 million.

This no-bid contract is rather shady because while Family Endeavors has no contract history with Immigration and Customs Enforcement prior to last month, the organization’s leadership does have close ties to the Biden administration.

The Examiner notes, “Family Endeavors does have a former senior official on the Biden transition team in its leadership: former ICE official Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, identified as a potential broker in the deal by Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia, who is tracking the ICE contract, as well as two others with knowledge of the situation.” In other words, it appears that Biden’s border crisis is a boon for his business buddies.

Meanwhile, the Biden-Harris administration has shipped and dumped masses of illegal aliens all across the nation, often with little notice to or apparent input from local authorities. For example, county schools in the Chattanooga area have been alerted to expect “an increase of unattended migrant youth” and to “please register them immediately.” Conveniently, “They do not need 2 proofs of residency.”

On top of this, ICE priority arrests of criminal illegal aliens across the interior of the country have dropped by 75% since Biden took office. Jessica Vaughan, policy study director for the Center for Immigration Studies, notes, “Almost one thousand more ‘worst of the worst’ criminal aliens were arrested under Trump’s priorities. What this tells me is that, paradoxically, it looks like the Biden policies are actually hampering ICE’s ability to arrest even the most serious criminals who are a priority.”

Interestingly, Biden’s first “border czar,” former ambassador to Mexico Roberta Jacobson, who upon taking up the appointment in January blasted Trump administration border policy that “intentionally made [immigration] worse,” is now throwing in the towel. She dubiously claims that her original intention was to stay only through Biden’s first 100 days. Even The New York Times finds that suspect, observing, “The timing of her departure is nonetheless striking, coming in the middle of the administration’s efforts to reduce the flow of immigration from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.”

But this was the plan all along. It’s just that the migrant numbers jumped much more quickly than Team Biden anticipated and the bad publicity has gotten out of hand. This crisis is no “accident, but by design,” argues Trump’s ICE Director Tom Homan. “They’re bringing in millions of people into this country who will now be counted on the census because Joe Biden overturned that, which leads to seats in the House [and] Electoral College in elections. This is power over public safety; the quest for power over protecting American citizens.”

Finally, after going nearly a month without visiting the border or even publicly addressing the border crisis, the White House announced that Kamala Harris will finally be stepping into her role as “border czar.” Clearly, the heat of a spiraling crisis that has members from both parties as well as media outlets and officials in border states repeatedly noting her glaring absence appears to have gotten to the administration. The trouble is that this Biden-created crisis is a political tar baby that Harris would love to avoid.