The Patriot Post® · In Brief: Systemic Racism Is a Conspiracy Theory Cult

By Political Editors ·

Daniel Greenfield of FrontPage Mag explains why the idea of “systemic racism” is actually a conspiracy theory.

While few will agree on what is a conspiracy theory, the most obvious symptom of a conspiracy theory is that it cannot be disproven. The most popular establishment conspiracy theory is systemic racism. Like most conspiracy theories, anything can be ascribed to systemic racism, from mathematics to the existence of a highway, it can be used to explain everything, and yet it so comprehensively pervades everything that its existence can never be disproven. …

Faced with contradictory evidence, the conspiracy theory just takes on a new order of complexity. Are Asians protesting affirmative action, are Latinos and black men voting for President Trump? Then use multiracial whiteness to explain the contradictions by redefining racism as endowed with an order of complexity beyond race.

When it comes to systemic racism, the driving force might just be the media.

Defending ideas about reality by extrapolating new orders of infinite complexity makes conspiracy theories indistinguishable from religion. And conspiracy theories often serve the same purpose for those who have given up on finding purpose and meaning in religion.

That’s why a sufficiently complex conspiracy theory becomes a cult. And a complex conspiracy theory with the backing of the establishment is a state religion.

The media keeps going on about QAnon even while it’s frantically indoctrinating everyone into its cult with its chosen conspiracy theory that explains all world events, all of human history, all science and technology, all literature and art, and the laws of nature, as reflections of racism.

Now that’s a cult.

And that’s what systemic racism has become. Like any state cult, it’s taught in schools, mandated in government offices, and the faithful spread it through every organization. Faith in critical race theory is becoming a prerequisite for public service and public life. A failure to pay tribute to its tenets, to acknowledge your racism, to “lean in,” and promise to “do better” is heresy.

And is punished the way mobs deal with heretics in the absence of judicial authority.

That it is arguably more widespread than any other conspiracy theory is, to put it mildly, a major problem, which Greenfield goes on to explain in detail. After all, he says of the Left’s vision, “The less we see racism, the more pervasive it must be.”

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