The Patriot Post® · In Brief: The Crisis of American Civilization

By Political Editors ·

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich warns that leftists are forcing a true crisis in America.

We are now in a crisis of American civilization fully as dangerous and real as the crisis of the U.S. Civil War or World War II.

During both those crises, if America had lost, it would have ceased to be America — and the cause of freedom around the world would have been dramatically weakened.

Today, we face combined internal and external threats which are as great or greater.

On the external front, “a surging China” along with “Russia’s movement of military forces” present global threats to America. And the two nations are increasingly working together.

However dangerous the foreign challenges are they fade away when compared with the domestic threats to American civilization.

Consider these indicators that our civilization is beginning to fall apart.

Gingrich goes on to list the looting and rioting in Minnesota after a police shooting, and the resulting “war on police.” There’s a rising murder rate and more violent crime, all while Democrats are calling for “no more policing.” But, he adds:

The threat to American civilization goes far beyond violence in the streets.

Woke CEOs who refuse to condemn genocide and police state tyranny in China are quick to attack Georgia — even though President Joe Biden was just plain wrong (perhaps lying) about the state’s new election law. Moving the All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado hurts Black small businesses (there are eight times as many employees of Black-owned businesses in Georgia than in Colorado). Furthermore, Colorado’s current voting laws are stricter than Georgia’s new ones. For the woke, it is virtue signaling — not fact — which matters.

The television establishment systematically lied to defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. CNN’s Charlie Chester recently asserted: “I came to CNN to be a part of that. Look what we did, we [CNN] got Trump out. I am 100 percent going to say it, and I 100 percent believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out … I came to CNN because I wanted to be a part of that.”

The Leftmedia apparatus is matched only by the social media giants, he says, “who are increasingly acting like Russian oligarchs.” And on top of that:

Overt racism through race-based reparations, school quotas, and anti-white and anti-male curricula are a return to government-fueled discrimination and segregation.

With all this leftism run amok, Gingrich concludes, “If we are going to remain America, we must oppose the forces trying to destroy us.”

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