The Patriot Post® · In Brief: Pence Says Dems Created the Border Crisis

By Political Editors ·

Current Vice President Kamala Harris might be the “border czar,” but her counterpart, former Vice President Mike Pence, has a far more accurate view of the situation on the border. In an op-ed for The Daily Signal, Pence recounts the Trump administration’s success:

President Joe Biden inherited the most secure southern border in American history. Under the Trump-Pence administration, we built more than 450 miles of the world’s most robust border wall, reducing illegal crossings by over 90%.

We abolished the absurd practice of “catch and release.” We ended asylum fraud through a groundbreaking partnership with Mexico known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, requiring illegal aliens who are seeking asylum to remain in Mexico while their cases are adjudicated.

And during the pandemic, we authorized sweeping emergency measures to immediately remove virtually every illegal immigrant apprehended at the southern border, to protect the health and safety of American citizens.

For years, politicians promised to secure the border. Under the last administration, we delivered.

After the unfortunate election results, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris quickly set about to strategically undo all that success.

And yet, in just three short months, the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress have unleashed the worst border crisis in the history of our country.

On his first day in office, Biden suspended nearly all deportations nationwide, shut down construction of the border wall, reinstated catch and release, canceled the Migrant Protection Protocols, and proposed amnesty for millions of illegal aliens currently residing in the United States. Not long after that, the Biden administration announced it would allow unaccompanied minors to enter the country.

Seemingly overnight, illegal immigration surged to levels unseen since 2006. The number of unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border is the highest ever recorded, and the results are heartbreaking. …

The problem isn’t getting better — it is rapidly growing worse.

Even worse, that’s by design. The Biden administration has implemented policies to encourage illegal border crossings, all for Democrats’ political gain.

The catastrophe now unfolding at our border is a direct result of progressive policies and pronouncements emanating from Democrats in Washington. But Democrats can end this disaster just as quickly as they caused it. All they have to do is reinstate commonsense border enforcement and stop treating U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol as a concierge service for illegal aliens.

The truth is, support for open borders and unlimited immigration is a key precept of today’s Democrat Party.

The end result?

American families will be punished with lost jobs, lower wages, overcrowded schools, and overburdened public services.

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