The Patriot Post® · When Black Lives REALLY Matter

By Willie Richardson ·

911 Dispatcher: “911, where is your emergency?”

Female: “Hello? 3171 Legion Lane.”

911 Dispatcher: “What’s going on?”

Female: “It’s 3171, we got these grown girls over here trying to fight us, trying to stab us, trying to put their hands on our grandma! Get here now!”

911 Dispatcher: (calmly) “Ma'am, do you see any weapons?”

Female: “We need a police officer here now!”

911 Dispatcher: “Do you see any weapons?”

Female: (indiscriminate screaming) phone call ends.

Officers responded to the scene and at 4:45 p.m. an officer-involved shooting was reported. Lying in a pool of her own blood was a 16-year-old teen, a foster care youth.

Onlooker: “She’s a f—ing kid man, damn, are you stupid?”

Officer: “She came at her with a knife.”

So, you might be wondering, what happened? To be honest, it’s not too complicated. A female wielding a knife with violent intent, thrusting it toward two different women, was killed by the Columbus Police Department in Ohio. I know this doesn’t sound newsworthy, but you have to catch the plot twist. The 16-year-old was a BLACK female teenager. You see, “black” is the new code word for privilege, victim, and a media frenzy no Hollywood movie can rival. Disclaimer: That’s only for the liberal black person in his/her death at the hands of a white civilian or police officer.

Not ALL black lives matter, just the dead ones who are shot and killed by (white) law enforcement officers. I must repeat this to get the point across.

Franklin County Children’s Services confirmed on Tuesday night that the girl killed was 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant and that she was in foster care and in the custody of Children’s Services.

Police received a 911 call at 4:35 p.m. about an attempted stabbing on the 3100 block of Legion Lane. The caller reported a female was trying to stab them, then the caller hung up.

The situation unfolded rapidly, according to clips from the body cameras of three officers on the street. Ma'Khia was holding a knife in her right hand and charged a woman dressed in pink — who turned to her side as the teen appeared to attempt to stab her. That’s when the shots rang out.

A white police officer shot and killed a black female who was trying to kill another black female and he is the “bad guy.” Let that sink in. When a black person’s life should matter, it doesn’t.

You can’t make this stuff up. A white police officer should and did use deadly force to eliminate the threat of what would have been a bloodbath for another woman. She was grateful that the police were there to save her life. This “Black Lives Matter: Columbus Edition” is, if you’ll pardon the expression, the same poop in a different toilet. It reeks of irresponsible parenting and another local government payoff to another proletariat victim. I’ll see you at the next “white cop kills ‘unarmed’ black person” stop. It’s never going to end.