The Patriot Post® · More Proof of Leftmedia Propaganda

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Given the way the mainstream media has covered Joe Biden since he’s been in office, one might have thought they were covering George Washington reincarnated. It’s more than just a feeling. No president over the last 30 years has received less negative coverage than has Biden. Notably, this data doesn’t come from a right-leaning organization but from the Pew Research Center.

Pew notes, “News coverage of President Joe Biden’s early days in office was modestly more negative than positive” by some nine percentage points. Adding perspective by contrasting that with Donald Trump’s coverage, Pew says, “While the negative Biden stories modestly outnumbered the positive ones, negative stories about Trump exceeded positive ones by four-to-one.”

The numbers may not be all that impressive, but that’s because of an underlying truth that viewers are picking up. The survey of more than 12,000 adults found, “The public’s sense of news coverage of the Biden administration is more positive than the study of the news coverage. 46% of U.S. adults say that the early coverage they’ve seen about the Biden administration offered mostly positive assessments, far more than the 14% who say they’ve seen mostly negative ones.”

We’re not sure how Pew is measuring its “modestly more negative” numbers, but, in our estimate, it’s painfully obvious that the Leftmedia is practically working for Joe Biden. That’s not perception; it’s reality. (For example, see the ridiculous fawning over the “professional, pleasant, [and] lovely” Jen Psaki.)

Perhaps this is because there’s also a huge political divide at play. Pew also found that conservatives were far more politically informed and aware of the news than were liberals. Furthermore, conservatives are following Biden and his policy decisions much more closely. “Americans who turn only to outlets with left-leaning audiences [are] least likely to be following news about the Biden administration very closely (16%) — and their counterparts on the right almost twice as likely to do so (30%).”

One fascinating tidbit is that survey respondents said the MSM is giving “too much attention” to racial issues and not enough coverage to the state of the economy and the ongoing border crisis. Maybe race-baiting is getting tiresome to most Americans.

Finally, Trump is still a boon for the MSM: “Trump himself was mentioned in about half the stories about the new Biden administration.” It’s not just the Leftmedia, either. There is “virtually no difference in the frequency of those mentions [of Trump in Biden stories] across outlets with left-leaning audiences (50% of stories), outlets with right-leaning audiences (47% of stories) and outlets with a mixed audience (47% of stories).”

In other words, Biden is boring — or maybe it’s just the over-the-top positive coverage of Biden that’s boring. If MSM outlets actually dug into the real and genuine scandals that have swirled around Biden (i.e., the utterly corrupt Hunter Biden), they would get more interested viewers. However, seeing as the Leftmedia is little more than the propagandist wing of the Democrat Party, such genuine investigative journalism won’t happen.