The Patriot Post® · Harris Blames Climate 'Crisis' for Border Crisis

By Robin Smith ·

Americans are witnessing a Joe Biden-made border crisis of illegal immigrants, not a climate-made border crisis as asserted by Vice President Kamala Harris. One of the “root causes of migration,” she explained, is “the lack of climate adaptation and resilience.” Using a real crisis as a diversion to plug policies ostensibly aimed at a ginned-up crisis is the epitome of another “root cause” — socialism.

One chart at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website says it all about the massive surge of illegals at America’s southern border. It shows 17,106 enforcement encounters in April 2020 under the Trump administration and 172,331 enforcement encounters in March 2021 under the Biden administration.

Do you think warm weather caused that drastic shift? Do you think it matters who governs because policies matter?

The weather has not been any more extreme in the last few months to create these vastly different numbers reflecting out-of-control illegal immigration. The Biden-Harris policies of an open border and welfare for all on the backs of working Americans are the cause.

Donald Trump’s temperamental personality, unpopular with so many, made it difficult to see the good he did building the wall and enforcing the law at the border. On the other hand, Biden’s mild-mannered and aging persona is only a shell for Democrat radicals who cause chaos and difficulty for both immigrants and American workers. During just the first three weeks of April, around 122,000 illegal immigrants were in detention, and 22,195 of those were minors as of May 4. This number of children in federal custody surpasses both the Obama and Trump years, yet in the news we only see the popularity of the policymaker.

Vice President Harris’s main role in the border issue in the last 50 days has been to change the terminology. Apparently, we now have only a migration issue involving Mexico and the Northern Triangle — Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. That might sound more soothing, but when detainees and those caught crossing illegally originate from Romania, Russia, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, China, Nicaragua, Egypt, Ecuador, and 43 other countries, the whole “Central America climate crisis” argument gets even more weak.

Harris attributed the current detention numbers to corruption, violence, the lack of economic opportunity, and the lack of good governance. These illegal immigrants are flooding through our now wide-open border, leaving countries run by socialist or oppressive policies. These are the same policies that the 21st-century Democrats want America to mimic, with “free” handouts paid for by fewer workers while taxation of earned wealth increases, the value of money decreases, and the price of goods soars.

Criminals are also crossing the border more than ever. “New Mexico law enforcement officers are seizing extraordinarily high levels of fentanyl that smugglers have sneaked across the southern border,” reports the Washington Examiner. “The Las Cruces-Doña Ana County Metro Narcotics Task Force captured nearly 3,200 fentanyl pills between January and most of April. In all of 2020, 115 fentanyl pills were intercepted, marking a 2,682% increase from all of last year and still eight months from the year’s end.”

According to one Drug Enforcement Administration official, “Increasing fentanyl seizures are a reflection of effective law enforcement action as transnational criminal organizations traffic ever greater amounts of fentanyl into the United States. Specifically, Mexican drug cartels have capitalized on the opioid epidemic and prescription drug misuse by flooding the United States with mass quantities of counterfeit prescription pills.”

While the VP is working to discuss the “root causes” of the border crisis, let’s demand the facts. The value of American citizenry is being destroyed to accommodate illegal immigration through policies that are unconstitutional and un-American. Law enforcement encounters are up. Children separated from their families is at historic levels, since many have been used as decoys to fool border agents or are tragically involved in human trafficking. The opioid crisis is being fed the very supply of counterfeit drugs that are sure to lead to overdoses.

Americans want an immigration policy that sees immigrants coming to our great land ready to contribute and achieve. Instead, what we’re witnessing is a border flung wide open to bring in any and all, not dividing those legitimately seeking asylum from those lawlessly exploiting weak policy.

The so-called climate crisis might be a small contributor to current migration, but far more disturbing is the climate of crisis created by failed policies and a void of leadership. But hey, at least migrants crossing the border are getting copies of Harris’s book…