The Patriot Post® · What Does Tim Tebow Have That Colin Kaepernick Doesn't?

By Patrick Hampton ·

NFL fans are looking forward to Tim Tebow’s possible return to the field. The former quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner — best known for being unapologetically Christian and a passionate voice against human trafficking — is expected to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end. This opportunity is the second chance Tebow truly deserves.

But in today’s world, critics (especially from the political Left) find controversy in anything, this time pitting Tebow against former quarterback and political activist Colin Kaepernick. The whiners complain that Kaepernick should truly take Tebow’s place — merely a dog whistle to the social justice worshipers among us. Their “argument” is that Tebow has been away from the field far too long, and that he’s also playing in a completely new position. They ask why Kaepernick couldn’t fill those shoes instead, pointing to — you guessed it — “white privilege” as the reason why.

I feel like this random media take is simply to bring Kaepernick’s name to the forefront, especially considering the activist has a new book in production. I also believe the call for Kaepernick’s “second chance” is disingenuous, if not childish and pedantic at its core. The false equivalencies are flooding “black Twitter” as SJWs fail to see the situation for what it is.

For starters, Kaepernick appears to exist only to push a divisive agenda to the NFL fan base that, ironically, shames and shuns the very law enforcement protecting the stadiums and the players game after game. If anything, the black cloud that hovers over Kaepernick is enough to put a damper on any sporting event. And when you take away his relationship with Nike and the commercials and the publicity he amassed, Kaepernick’s best move really was taking a knee. Not to mention Kaepernick chose to be a free agent while turning down contracts and offers. He isn’t on the field because he doesn’t want to be.

While lefties attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill, the case for Tebow’s return couldn’t be more obvious. For one, Tebow didn’t kneel to put his race above others. He didn’t put his knee down to promote division and cast hate. Instead, his knee hit the ground in prayer — for everyone, not just the people he deems to be the “good guys.” I believe Tebow — like any Christian — prayed for everyone.

The death of George Floyd, albeit a source of controversy, drew two completely different messages from both former NFL quarterbacks.

From Kaepernick:

When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction.
The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears because your violence has brought this resistance.
We have the right to fight back!
Rest in Power George Floyd

An excerpt from Tebow’s prayerful address:

What happened in Minneapolis to George Floyd was absolutely horrific. As my wife, Demi, and I watched the events unfold, she started to cry and my heart sank with sadness. Over the past several days, I spent a lot of time reflecting, listening, and in prayer…

Demi and I actually just finished praying. We prayed for this country, for the family of George Floyd, for the families who have lost someone simply because of their skin color, and everyone who has been negatively judged by the color of their skin or background. …

God designed us. We are all uniquely created, and all His masterpiece. We need to embrace the differences in every single person. I truly believe the way to come together is to understand the value and worth of every single person because it’s God who gives us that…

Everyone is a masterpiece, everyone is special, and everyone is worth our love. “Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” —1 John 4:11

The NFL teams — no, much of America — know just who is deserving of this “second chance.” See, what Tebow has that Kaepernick doesn’t is the true ability to unify the nation. His greatest gift isn’t in his publicity or his book deals but in his ability to put faith over fleeting feelings and financial statements. He is a true Christian athlete and a fighter for God, to whom much is awarded — including second chances.

In contrast, the whining, pettiness, and childishness portrayed by the Left regarding Tebow’s potential signing simply does not belong in professional sports — nor does it do good in life. Like a good sportsman, we are to acknowledge our wins and losses in everything we do while respecting the opposing team’s position. We truly unite under the spirit of a game well played and a mutual love and respect for one another. If Kaepernick actually played a good game and won the heart of America the way Tebow did, there would be no need for him to steal the limelight. Without question, if Kaepernick wanted to play or was meant to play, he would simply be doing just that — God willing.