The Patriot Post® · LPGA Looking to Erase Women's Sport

By Thomas Gallatin ·

For the first time, a “transgender” individual has won an LPGA event. Hailey Davidson’s par putt on the 18th hole secured his victory over the field of biological women. Not only did Davidson defeat his female opponents on that day, but he also received an email from the USGA stating that he’d met its Gender Policy for eligibility. Davidson is now hopeful that the LPGA will also give him the green light to compete on the women’s tour.

Davidson, who clearly struggles with gender dysphoria, recently had sex “reassignment” surgery after years of taking hormones in his attempt to force his body to comport with his “gender identity.” Davidson’s story should garner sympathy for an individual struggling with such significant mental delusions. Instead, he’s just the unfortunate pawn of the Rainbow Mafia in its unending drive to destroy the nation’s sexual mores.

This latest episode only highlights the danger of another very real issue — the systematic elimination of women’s sports. Oh, there will still be “women’s” sports, but everything will be classified by “gender identity” and not biological reality, giving a distinct advantage to the men who compete. Women’s sports in name only. Thus is the “fairness” of “woke.” As political commentator Joel Abbott sarcastically observes, “If you’re a woman and you think this an erasure of your very existence, just remember that letting biological males dominate your sports is how we defeat sexism and the patriarchy once and for all!”