The Patriot Post® · Racist Confirmed to Lead DOJ Civil Rights Division

By Thomas Gallatin ·

The Democrat Party has a long, sordid history when it comes to racism. Of course, its modern-day members dubiously project that history onto the Republican Party, the party that fought to free the slaves and pass the Civil Rights Act. However, the Democrats’ embrace of racist ideology is not merely a thing of the past — it continues to this day with Critical Race Theory, ironically rebranded as “anti-racism.”

Evidence of this reality was demonstrated with Tuesday’s Senate vote confirming Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Social Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Kristen Clarke. The final vote was 51-48, with all 50 Democrat senators voting to confirm and one lone Republican, Susan Collins, foolishly crossing the aisle to join them.

The vote on a cop-hating racist was intentionally timed to coincide with the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, a fact made clear by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s sanctimonious declaration immediately prior to the vote: “As we continue to pursue strong policing reform legislation, the fight for racial justice by confirming Kristen Clarke on the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder is particularly poignant and appropriate.” Virtue-signaling political theater would be a more accurate description.

Clarke serves to check the Democrats’ all-important identity boxes, as she is both black and the first woman to lead the Civil Rights Division. Apparently, that is the only thing that matters to the mainstream media as well.

Unfortunately, the ramifications of this vote will be significant. “As legislative gridlock on voting rights and criminal justice reform continues, Clarke’s office will become the locus for the Biden administration’s civil rights agenda,” observed the Washington Free Beacon. “Even if legislative accomplishments prove elusive, the department can notch victories that will outlast the administration by entering reform agreements with police departments or prevailing in litigation.”

The last person America needs leading the Civil Rights Division is a racist with an axe to grind, but that’s what we got. Expect even more “woke” racist CRT ideology to be shoved onto the American people, all in the name of “justice.” The first example? The current website URL for the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division is, not “crd” as one would expect. It’s almost like CRT is literally the Left’s domain.