The Patriot Post® · Leftmedia Obfuscation Over Nation's Spiking Crime

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Violent crime has been spiking across the nation’s largest metro areas over the past year. That much isn’t even news anymore. But also for much of last year, the Leftmedia willfully downplayed the growing violence and rioting associated with Black Lives Matter and antifa thuggery with infamous euphemisms like “mostly peaceful protests.” Given that Donald Trump is no longer president, is it possible that could change? Don’t count on it.

Crime really spiked after the death of George Floyd, a career criminal who was lionized by BLM and used to justify painting all police departments across the country as racist. Leftist politicians were quick to cater to the emotive and absolutely irrational demands of these “anti-racists” with their “defund the police” rhetoric. What these radical leftist groups already had in common was a deep dislike of police, a position BLM justified with its dubious “systemic racism” charge.

Meanwhile, as police across the country were continually attacked for simply doing their jobs, police departments began pulling back from policing some of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods, and the predictable result is that crime rates have spiked. It’s about as easy a cause-and-effect case as one can imagine, yet the Leftmedia continues to feign bewilderment as to the cause behind the rising violence.

Case in point is the Washington Post, from which many other media outlets take their cues. The Post recently ran a couple of articles “wrestling” with the reality of rising crime. One article is titled, “A county, hit by the pandemic, grapples with soaring crime after spending a decade lowering it.” The Post notes that in Prince George’s County, Maryland, murders are up nearly double the rate of last year and that “for the first time in a long time, lawmakers say, residents are once again citing safety as a top concern.”

To what does the Post attribute the rising crime? Well, the Leftmedia rag wasn’t about to suggest that BLM’s “defund the police” demands or reduced policing had anything to do with it. No, the Post blames “the pandemic, historic unemployment, and ebbing social services.”

This one story is like a thousand others because, for the Leftmedia, preserving the “systemically racist police” narrative is more important than telling the truth about what is directly causing the sudden rise in crime. When society is deemed at fault for the actions of individuals, then the blaming of societal institutions, such as the police, will always be the go-to scapegoat.