The Patriot Post® · Kamala's Guatemala Goof

By Thomas Gallatin ·

In her first foray into addressing the ongoing border crisis after nearly three months as Joe Biden’s “border czar,” Kamala Harris continued her practice of avoiding a visit to the U.S. southern border because, as she said herself, “I don’t understand the point.” Instead, she bypassed the border as she flew down to Central America on her “root causes of migration” tour, with the first stop being Guatemala. If Harris’s reception there is any indication, however, Biden is likely regretting his decision to make her the face of his immigration policy. Greeting Harris upon her arrival to Guatemala were protesters touting signs such as “Kamala, Trump won,” “Kamala, Go Home,” and “Kamala, Mind Your Own Business.” Another sign hoisted onto a roadside billboard read, “Stop Funding Criminals.”

Hilariously, on the flight to Guatemala, Harris gave reporters on the plane cookies decorated with her image “made in the style of her official White House portrait.” The narcissistic gesture unsurprisingly garnered deserved derision. GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel quipped, “Handing out cookies with her face on them as the border crisis rages… The modern-day equivalent of ‘let them eat cake.’” Representative Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) took a more serious tack: “VP is passing out cookies to the press with her face on them while the cartel makes hundreds of millions of dollars smuggling drugs and children across the southern border. This is all possible thanks to the Biden/Harris Administration’s policies.”

Even more ridiculous than Harris’s cookie charade was her lecturing of Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei as to the reason immigrants are flooding over the U.S. southern border. The “longstanding issues that are often called the ‘root causes’ of immigration,” she opined, include “extreme weather conditions and the lack of climate adaptation; as well as … violence against women, Indigenous people, LGBTQ people, and Afro-descendants.”

Giammattei was unequivocal in rejecting the Biden/Harris administration’s dubious “root causes” narrative. “We are not on the same side of the coin. It is obvious,” Giammattei observed. “We are in agreement on the ‘what’ (the immigration crisis). … We are not in agreement on the ‘how.’”

Furthermore, he laid the blame squarely on Biden and Harris for the failure to send “a clear message to prevent more people from leaving.” And regarding the message that Biden did send — “We’re going to reunite families, we’re going to reunite children” — Giammattei noted, “The very next day, the coyotes were here organizing groups of children to take them to the United States.”

Harris, in what appeared to be an attempt to appease Giammattei’s demand for a clear message against migration, stated, “I want to be clear to folks in this region who are thinking about making that dangerous trek to the United States-Mexico border: Do not come. Do not come.” Where was this message months ago? Of course, we know the reason is that the Biden/Harris regime policy is an open border.