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Re: “Biden’s ‘Right Wing Extremist’ Delusion

At most the Capitol building “rioters” were trespassing. (Put aside exactly how one goes about “trespassing” in a public building when the FBI is reportedly withholding video evidence showing Capitol Police allowing people to enter the building.) Meanwhile, under unequal system of “justice,” trespassers rot in solitary while Antifa/BLM thugs walk free due to Democrat prosecutors’ sympathy for leftist thugs. The ludicrous lie Democrats push is elections violative of the Constitution’s mandate that state legislatures (not bureaucrats, not judges) set election rules and procedures are not fraudulent, and Congress has nothing to say about it (claiming the Constitution’s requirement to ratify electors somehow precludes any no vote). —Illinois

Re: “Kamala’s Guatemala Goof

That Kamala Harris should add her clueless remarks on her Guatemala foray to her earlier clueless tweet regarding Memorial Day should come as no surprise — she has no roots in this country or its history. Unlike tens of millions of us, she did not have parents who even lived here during WW2; for so many of us, our “rootedness” grew in part from realizing our parents’ sacrifice then. My father served almost three-and-a-half years in the Army Air Corps; my wife’s infantryman father spent the last six months of the war in a Nazi POW camp; her mother proudly wore the WAC uniform during the conflict. That this shallow woman is a heartbeat away from the Oval Office may be the most distressing political reality of the current moment. —Georgia

Re: “The PGA Picks Jon Rahm’s Pocket

Personally, I would be embarrassed to accept the winner’s award, knowing that I really only came in second. Did the PGA even consider the reality of COVID and it’s transmit-ability? I’m 74, been diagnosed with COVID, and would not have known it if I didn’t have to go to a hospital for an unrelated problem. People need to push back. PGA fans need to do something dramatic to force this issue to the CORRECT conclusion. —Nevada

Saturday, when I heard what happened to Rahm, I really hoped that other players would protest and withdraw. Sunday was a disappointment when it was apparent no players would quit. The PGA ruling is a perfect example of the fear and mistrust surrounding the novel coronavirus generated and perpetuated by the legacy media and the ruling class. —Utah

Re: “What to Do About China and Russia in the Future

I don’t know that America can afford to wait until Mr. Biden leaves the White House. China is very close to being ready to take out Taiwan; I suspect that if that has not happened by Election Day 2024, it will take place in the weeks following. In particular, if a Republican wins the presidential election (and survives the numerous court challenges that will certainly be heard), China may present their conquest as a fait accompli before the new president has a chance to rebuild America’s military after four years of poor leadership, morale destruction, and cutbacks. Perhaps our best response is through Congress. A Republican majority in both Houses, elected next year, can forestall much of the damage by acting with resolution and fortitude. —Minnesota

Re: “‘Historian’ Declares Second Amendment Is Racist

Our Founding Fathers had Concord and Lexington fresh in their minds, where the British moved on those towns because that’s where the colonists were stockpiling weapons in their expected conflict with England. They knew that liberty was most likely needed to be secured with “the sword.” So when they drafted the Constitution and its amendments, their intention was to not infringe upon those individual rights in the event that our own government became tyrannical. —Georgia

Only socialists can reach the insane conclusion that preserving peace for its citizens requires the state to restrict individual liberty. Designers of our Constitution knew history. They logically concluded no state has ever, nor can ever control criminals well enough to secure the peace for law-abiding citizens. They also acknowledge that some state agents have abused and will continue to abuse citizens. Socialists (Democrats) demand we repeat these lessons of history by prohibiting lawful citizens the right to defend and secure their own peace in favor of criminals & abusive state agents. This truth remains valid: those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat the lessons of history… over & over & over ad nauseum! —Missouri

Re: “ProPublica Billionaire Tax Story Serves Dem Narrative

Another thing that the ProPublica article fails to mention is the sheer volume of employees each of those billionaires employs. All of the thousands, if not millions, of employees combined generate a lot of federal income taxes paid. The generation of wealth by owning companies and employing people is also paying taxes. Another note — their companies also paid federal taxes and are potentially going to be paying taxes worldwide, so the woke lefties as usual fail to see the whole picture. —Texas