The Patriot Post® · Biden Embarrasses Us at the G7

By Douglas Andrews ·

It’s not hard to imagine Vladimir Putin and his lieutenants sharing some hearty laughs at our expense. After all, he’s just seen Joe Biden’s embarrassing performance at the G7 summit in Cornwall, England.

Putin is prepping for tomorrow’s one-on-one meeting with Biden, the least formidable U.S. president since Jimmy Carter. (Yeah, we know: Barack Obama was a red-line-erasing pushover. But at least he could string a coherent sentence together when the cameras were rolling.)

Biden is also the most cognitively challenged president since the stroke-addled Woodrow Wilson of a century ago. “The man’s mental capacity is obviously inadequate to fulfill his job responsibilities,” noted Power Line’s John Hinderaker without a hint of humor. “The press can avoid talking about Biden’s rapid decline, but they can’t prevent either our allies or our adversaries from noticing it.”

Ah, yes, our allies. There was British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the G7 host, introducing the world leaders at a roundtable discussion, then correcting the American president for having reintroduced the president of South Africa.

And the press. There was Biden, briefly going off-menu to take a question from a reporter who wasn’t on his handler-approved cue card. “When you’re having these conversations,” the reporter began, “with European allies who are very concerned about these [Trump-era] sanctions, how do you justify that? And what are your plans for…”

“A hundred and twenty days,” Biden snapped. “Give me a break. Need time.”

Biden has been president for 145 spirit-sapping days, but who’s counting?

And our adversaries. Fresh off that gaffe-riddled, ultra-embarrassing performance at the G7 summit, Joseph Robinette “Scranton Joe” Biden now heads to Geneva to get rolled by the Russian killer and ex-KGBer.

As the Washington Examiner reports, “The president did say he will ‘make clear to President Putin that there are areas where we can cooperate if he chooses, and if he chooses not to cooperate and acts in a way that he has in the past, relating to cybersecurity and some other activities, then we will respond in kind.’”


Biden also slammed his domestic political opposition while at the G7, showing that politics don’t necessarily end at the water’s edge. He took a swipe at Donald Trump’s “phony populism,” then said, “The Republican Party is vastly diminished in numbers, the leadership of the Republican Party is fractured, and the Trump wing of the party is the bulk of the party, but it makes up a significant minority of the American people.”

The Republican Party is fractured?

Seventy-four million. That’s how many votes Donald Trump tallied in the 2020 election. And that’s despite all the efforts of the deep-state bureaucrats, the media lickspittles, the social media censors, the academics, the Hollywood ignoramuses, the NBAers, and so many others who did their darnedest to make anyone and everyone hate Trump as much as they do.

We’ll leave you with this:

So, Joe Biden, the Leader of the Free World, is also a laughingstock. One wonders what those diners must’ve been thinking to see an American president shuffling around in tennis shoes, looking lost, bewildered, in need of a friendly face; being summoned frantically, then being led away by the hand. It’s sad. It’s beyond sad.

To the American people who voted for him and the Trump-deranged media that refused to cover him honestly during the campaign: All can say is, We hope you’re happy.