The Patriot Post® · Monday Executive News Summary

By Jordan Candler ·

Top of the Fold

  • Catholic bishops approve Communion document aimed at possible rebuke of President Biden (Fox News) | Ironically, nearly 60 House Democrats — whose party increasingly targets religious liberty — call on Catholic bishops to stop targeting pro-abortion pols (Fox News) | Vatican pitifully dismisses pressure to ban Communion for abortion-supporting Catholics (Washington Examiner)

  • Border crisis shows few signs of slowing as migrant encounters and fentanyl seizures stay high (Fox News) | Fifty-six House Republicans urge Biden to remove Kamala Harris from leading role on migration crisis (Fox News)

Government & Politics

  • VA to reverse commonsense ban on sex-change surgeries for veterans (Washington Post)

  • Despite campaign promises, 60% could see tax increase under Biden proposals (Washington Examiner)

  • “This royally sucks. I’m disgusted”: Obama ethics chief gives Biden an “F” on family-related hires (Fox News)

National Security

  • “Wake up”: New Israeli leader blasts Biden’s nuclear talks with Iran (Washington Times)

  • White House freezes $100 million Ukraine military package that includes lethal weapons (Politico)


  • “There is still a lot of interest in firearms”: Ammo shortage shows no sign of improving (Fox Business)

  • New Harvard data (accidentally) reveal how lockdowns crushed the working class while leaving elites unscathed (FEE)

Annals of the “Social Justice” Caliphate

  • Truck accidentally runs over two people, killing one, at Florida Pride parade, yet the Fort Lauderdale mayor inevitably cites “terrorist attack against the LGBT community” (NY Post)

  • Juneteenth and gay pride celebrations allowed in Evanston, Illinois — a city that canceled Independence Day parade (Daily Wire)

  • Coca-Cola shareholders excoriate company’s discriminatory policy for contracted lawyers (Daily Wire)

  • Apple and its homosexual CEO censor 27 LGBTQ apps in China (Not the Bee)

  • “Sesame Street" adds family with two gay fathers in Pride Month episode (Washington Examiner)

  • Nonprofit founded by BLM’s Patrisse Cullors failed to disclose major donations (Blaze)

Around the Nation

  • Twelve deaths linked to tropical storm, including 10 killed in car crash (Washington Examiner)

  • Forty-one percent increase in killed police officers so far in 2021 (Washington Examiner)

  • Texas governor vetoes funding for state legislature after obstructionist Democrats walk out on voting bill (National Review)

  • "There is no legitimate reason to keep ineligible voters on the rolls”: Georgia secretary of state removes 100,000 outdated voter files (Washington Examiner)

  • Pennsylvania poised to begin Arizona-style election audit with subpoena power (Washington Examiner)

Odds & Ends

  • Federal judge charges U.S. marshals in vaccination dispute (AP)

  • Wuhan lab found all the genes to recreate “epidemic strain” of coronavirus in 2017 (National Pulse)

  • Hard-liner under U.S. sanctions wins Iran presidency in historically low turnout (AP)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Biden-Putin summit proves essentially fruitless (Daily Signal)

  • Humor: California public schools ban teaching of critical thinking (Babylon Bee)

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