The Patriot Post® · CNN's Desperate Don Goes Race-Crazy

By Douglas Andrews ·

CNN’s Don Lemon (pronounced lay-MOH) has some serious problems. He’s a first-class narcissist, a prime-time anchor for the worst-performing and most embarrassingly leftist cable news network around, and he can’t stop thinking about race.

Recently, he sat for an interview with The Washington Post Magazine — mostly to schlep his new book, This Is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism, but also to talk about what a horrible country the United States is for black people, and how there’s this “false reality that we’re living in a post-racial world after the election of Barack Obama.”

That whole twice-elected Obama thing was all BS, Lemon says.

If it’s BS, as he says, it’s because race pimps like him keep obsessing over race, and obsessing over the relatively rare instances of white-on-black crime and unjustified police violence against black men, while utterly ignoring the much more common occurrence of black-on-white crime and the black-on-black genocide occurring every day in our Democrat-controlled urban centers.

“We’re living in two different realities as Black and White people,” he complained to The Post’s Eric Easter last week. “We knew, as Black people, what was lurking beneath the surface. I still believe that [Trump] was the necessary wake-up for America to realize just how racist it is.”

Lemon laughably laments “five years of talking about Donald Trump for two hours a night. Growing sick and tired — as my mom and grandmom would say — of the bullsh-t and giving false equivalence to the bigotry, lies and hatred.” Of course, Donald Trump carried CNN for the past five years, and Lemon should thank him for it. No more Trump, no more hatefest, no more viewership.

Lemon then goes on to blame Trump’s America for the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, and to decry the apparent lack of justice in a nation where more than 90% of murdered blacks are killed by other blacks:

We constantly see Black bodies being killed. How long are we going to have to hold Black bodies up to get justice? That is a constant struggle every single night. That is a journalistic dilemma that we have to deal with every night. How much do we show? How much should you hear? Should it be wallpaper? Does it diminish the impact of it by people becoming immune to it? We do struggle with those discussions — and we should struggle with them.

Setting aside the weirdness of the “black bodies being killed” construction, maybe CNN’s ratings would be a bit better if they struggled less with those types of discussions and struggled more with accurately reporting the news.

As for the “two different realities” Lemon speaks of, if he means one rich and privileged, and one poor and patronized, he’s probably right. He belongs in the former category, of course, living as he does in a $4.3 million home in tony Sag Harbor, New York. As Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson pointed out last night, “He lives in one of the whitest towns in America. In fact, 80%, Sag Harbor is just 3% African American. In the interview, Mr. Lemon said America needs to see more people like him. He regularly lectures America about diversity. What he didn’t tell The Washington Post is that in his free time he runs away from diversity.”

Lemon has a flair for both the idiotic and the melodramatic, as when he says, “I don’t know if America sees Black people and especially Black gay men as fully human, and as deserving of the American Dream.” But he also wants white America to know that he’s here for us, here to shepherd us through the racial thickets:

Whether we like, as Black people, being the teachers or helping to guide White people through racism — it’s uncomfortable sometimes, it’s tiring — unfortunately to some degree you have to do it, because otherwise they may take the wrong actions, and we want people to do it the right way. And the right way is by understanding and seeing our humanity.

What’s uncomfortable and tiring is to hear a rich, privileged, patronizing black man like Don Lemon lecture the rest of us on race. No wonder his network’s ratings are in the toilet.