The Patriot Post® · Why Google Suppressed Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Google has engaged in a soft shadow-banning of information related to the COVID lab leak theory in the form of intentionally suppressing search results related to the topic by artificially downgrading them to lower positions on its site. In fact, Google has even admitted to engaging in this practice. David Feinberg, head of Google Health, claimed the reason was to limit the spread of misinformation. Feinberg said that the tech giant’s goal was to make sure it wasn’t “leading people down pathways that we would find to be not authoritative information.” Hello thought police.

That is quite the subjective objection, and it raises the obvious question: Who determines who is “authoritative”? Feinberg continued to spin Google’s dubious rationale by pointing to the ever-so-popular bogeyman of “conspiracy theorists.” “If you’re looking for a conspiracy, you can certainly find it on the internet,” he explained. “We just don’t want it to be the first thing that you see.” He added, “We do have policies around medical misinformation and our systems will avoid showing predictions that may provide information that could lead to serious or acute physical harm.” Even implying that information on the possibility of COVID originating via a lab leak could lead to serious or acute physical harm is little other than blatant deflection.

The primary reason for suppressing and painting the lab leak theory as a “conspiracy” appears to have a much more logical explanation — Google’s own connections to the Chinese lab in question.

In fact, Google reportedly funded the primary Wuhan-linked American scientist, Peter Daszak. Recall that Daszak was also the only American selected as part of the World Health Organization’s first sham probe into COVID’s origin in Wuhan, where he pushed the wet-market theory while vigorously rejecting any lab connection.

Then, of course, there’s Google’s own business ties with China. This is a company that has bent over backwards to please the ChiComs and protect its share of the massive Chinese market. Why poke the bear now? Or ever?

Put it all together and it’s not surprising that the tech giant would be interested in promoting one narrative while at the same time suppressing a competing and more plausible one. In other words, this is not about stopping the spread of misinformation; rather it was about ensuring that misinformation gained “credibility” by Google actively putting its thumb on the scales.

Speaking of credibility, adding another blow to Daszak’s was a recent statement from the British medical journal The Lancet seemingly distancing itself from him. Last year, The Lancet took the unusual step of releasing a letter signed by some 27 medical professionals — a letter that just happened to have been prepared by Daszak. It read in part, “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.” The Lancet claims that at the time the authors said they had no competing interests, but that claim appears to be false, at least where Daszak is concerned.

Finally, if one wants to see what a genuine “patriarchy” looks like, look no further than Big Tech. These companies have appointed themselves the parental gatekeepers as they justify censorship and suppression of information, all in the name of protecting us “children” from getting “misinformation.”