The Patriot Post® · WaPo Smears Rufo, Boosts Abrams

By Lewis Morris ·

The hard progressive Left is fortunate to have President Joe Biden as its front man. He shows up on time and he (mostly) sticks to the script, as long as a copy of it is readily available. But the Left would never have gained such a grip on American politics and culture without a complicit media. Democrats will argue that there is no leftist bias in the press, but it’s impossible to plausibly deny it for anyone who ganders at the Beltway’s leading national newspaper these days.

A longtime left-leaning party organ, The Washington Post freely pitches in to help the Democrats whenever it can. And it’s gotten far worse since billionaire socialist Jeff Bezos bought the paper in 2013, and since its journalists came down with a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, introducing the pretentious “Democracy Dies in Darkness” motto just after Donald Trump took office in 2017.

Recently, the Post did its best to rewrite some politically inconvenient history about Stacey Abrams, Georgia’s number one candidate in search of elected office.

Abrams may very well be best known nationwide for her stance against voter ID. After losing her bid for governor to Republican Brian Kemp in 2018, she accused him of stealing the election while also openly admitting she had no evidence to prove it. Abrams became a national celebrity carried along by the wings of a loving Washington media.

Abrams was hardly ambivalent in her view on voter ID laws in Georgia or anywhere else, labeling them as Jim Crow. She even put up a website, “Stop Jim Crow 2.”

Now, with the Left’s so-called “For the People” voter law nationalization effort up against the ropes, Abrams has completely caved on the issue, going so far as to claim that she has always supported voter ID and that Republicans have lied about her stance for political reasons.

The Washington Post did its part to help Abrams out, whipping up a puff piece about how she and several Democrats have evolved on voter ID. In reality, their collective strategy up until recently has been to viciously attack such laws and label anyone who supports them as racist. But now that Abrams and her friends are swimming against the tide of public opinion, they are changing their stroke. And the Post is covering their escape.

The Post is just as craven about how it tears down conservatives as it is about puffing up leftists. Christopher Rufo, an anti-Critical Race Theory activist who isn’t shy about appearing in the media, rightly claims that the recent Post profile on him was a “hit” piece to discredit Rufo and the movement against CRT indoctrination in schools and the workplace.

Rufo took to social media to list what he labeled five false assertions made in the article, including incorrect timelines to fit a specific narrative, falsifying quotes, and deliberately playing down just how radical CRT truly is. The social media-savvy Rufo made a lot of noise about the piece — so much so that the Post “clarified” some points in a polish on Monday morning.

Unfortunately, The Washington Post is far from an outlier in bending the truth to fit a certain narrative. There has always been partisanship in the American press, even some lying. But there were also always other sources out there to keep the story straight, or semi-straight, for the history books. Today, virtually all of the largest players in the modern media landscape lean to one particular side politically. They have the power to steer public opinion in their direction of choice — to the left. Not only do they generate fake news, but they suffer little consequence for it. Furthermore, they are using their resources to attack and defeat the Left’s opponents.

One of the reasons for a free press is to keep politicians and the government honest. The Washington Post would rather keep its friends in power.