The Patriot Post® · Incompetent Veep Finally Heads to Border

By Douglas Andrews ·

Say this about Donald Trump: He gets results, even when he’s no longer in office.

Last Tuesday, the former president announced that he’d accepted the invitation of Texas Governor Greg Abbott to visit our nation’s southern border. “The Biden Administration inherited from me the strongest, safest, and most secure border in U.S history,” he said, “and in mere weeks they turned it into the single worst border crisis in U.S history. It’s an unmitigated disaster zone.”

Lo and behold, Vice President Kamala Harris, 91 days after having been appointed the Biden administration’s border czar, announced yesterday that she’s finally going to take a firsthand look at the crisis situation.

She’ll be accompanied on her trip by Homeland “Security” Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the guy who poured gas on this fire back in March when he meekly told would-be migrants, “Don’t come now. … Give us time to build an orderly, safe way to arrive in the United States.” As the Wall Street Journal reports:

Ms. Harris said in Mexico City earlier this month that she would visit the border, after Republicans criticized her for not traveling to the region amid a surge in migrants seeking to enter the U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales, a Republican whose district includes a swath of the border, said that he wanted the vice president to see the crisis firsthand: “We need the administration to finally take this seriously.”

Or, as Texas Senator Ted Cruz put it, “Suddenly, President Trump is going to the border, and they realized, ‘Oh, crap, we gotta do something.’”

Only Harris isn’t doing something. Yes, she’s going to the West Texas border town of El Paso — “a lovely city,” as Cruz calls it — but that’s some 800 miles from where the action is, a nearly 11-hour car trip from the Rio Grande Valley town of McAllen on the southern tip of Texas, where waves of illegal immigrants have been streaming into our country since Joe Biden took office and all but invited them with his ruinous policy of border non-enforcement.

As Cruz noted, “Chicago, Illinois, is closer to Washington, DC, than El Paso is to McAllen. And so she’s going where the height of the problem isn’t.”

Harris, then, is continuing to dodge her responsibility. But she’ll get a nice photo op out of the deal, and she’ll finally be able to put that cringeworthy interview with NBC’s Lester Holt in her rear-view mirror.

Still, we get the sense that sending Kamala Harris to our southern border is like sending Joe Biden to the G7 Summit in Geneva: fraught with peril, and bound to do more harm than good.

Senator Cruz, though, is calling Harris out:

Let me tell you what Kamala needs to do. Kamala, you need to go to the Rio Grande Valley. Kamala, you need to go to McAllen. Kamala, you need to go to the Donna tent facility, which is the tent city your administration has built that is massively over capacity, that has kids in cages. You need to look at the children in cages that you and Joe Biden put there in a way that is endangering their safety, is subjecting them to abuse and sexual assault.

But rather than holding Harris accountable, as Cruz does, the mainstream media will no doubt provide covering fire for her. Take the reporting of Politico, for example: “Vice President Kamala Harris is heading to the U.S.-Mexico border this week, amid an unrelenting chorus of criticism from Republicans over her failure to visit there.” As commentator Greg Price tweets, “Love how Politico frames it as ‘amid an unrelenting chorus of criticism from Republicans’ and not ‘amid an ongoing humanitarian crisis that Kamala Harris has spent the last 91 days pretending doesn’t exist.’”

In any case, by the time Harris finally makes her way down to the non-crisis town of El Paso, all the while ignoring the real crisis 800 miles away, it’ll have been nearly 100 days since she was appointed border czar. As former President Trump might’ve put it, it’s a disgrace.