The Patriot Post® · Friday Short Cuts

By Jordan Candler ·

Insight: “The interest of the people lies in being able to join organizations, advocate causes, and make political ‘mistakes’ without being subjected to governmental penalties.” —Justice Hugo L. Black (1886-1971)

Upright I: “What is destroying this country is not the prevalence of guns. It isn’t the police. It isn’t systemic racism. It isn’t poverty or income inequality. The problem is this country’s sick sexual culture, its marginalization of fathers and the corresponding destruction of the family. …We refuse to connect the dots, because doing so would mean admitting that the sexual revolution went off the rails. And that runs afoul of both those who make millions selling sex and those who need constant validation for their own behavior. As a result, the innocence, health and well-being of children has been sacrificed for adults’ sexual selfishness. It is no accident that girls see themselves increasingly as sexual objects or that fatherless young men, without adequate role models for healthy behaviors, fall into deeply destructive ones. Without stability, without security, without a proper sense of themselves, they seek validation in sexual conquest, belonging in gang membership, and excitement in drug use and violence.” —Laura Hollis

Upright II: “Unless one is prepared to argue that Blacks are simply genetically more inclined to commit homicide, where is the discussion about ‘root causes’? When there is a horrific urban shooting, Democrats are quick to call for more gun control legislation. Democrats, when there is an alleged case of police abuse against a Black suspect, demand police reform, with some elected officials even calling for a defunding of the police. Democrats, when it comes to disparities in homeownership or net worth, readily talk about the ‘legacy of slavery and Jim Crow,’ while failing to address, let alone explain, the increase in the rate of unmarried motherhood in America following the ‘60s 'war on poverty.’ And despite clear evidence about the relationship between crime and fatherlessness, the left does not want to talk about that 'root cause.‘” —Larry Elder

For the record: “Why would anyone, regarded by Iran’s leaders as secular infidels, think they can negotiate with religious fanatics who want them dead, and their country destroyed? How can anyone negotiate with those who want to rule and dominate the world? Do westerners sincerely believe they can sway those who proclaim to take direct orders from their god? These religious zealots believe their god wants them to pursue an agenda of death to Jews and to eliminate Israel, Western Europe and the United States. Recall it was the late Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, who suggested Islam will conquer Europe through immigration and without firing a shot. Financial advisers and brokerage firms are required by law to tell clients 'past performance is no guarantee of future results.’ In the case of Iran, past (and current) performance IS a guarantee of future results.” —Cal Thomas

Tongue-in-cheek: “Recently I learned that Critical Race Theory is NOT being taught in schools, corporations, or the military. They are only learning the most toxic parts as individual lessons. That’s totally different.” —Scott Adams

Non compos mentis: “Former president Donald Trump is America’s premier culture warrior. No other modern politician has displayed as much talent at dividing Americans, peddling disinformation, demonizing minorities and exacerbating social problems. … [Florida Governor Ron DeSantis] is setting himself up as Trump’s running mate or successor by showing a genius for appealing to every disreputable prejudice of the GOP base.” —Washington Post columnist Max Boot

Nanny state: “We can’t expect Americans to succeed if we don’t first give them the tools to do so.” —Nancy Pelosi with one of the most maternalistic comments ever

The BIG Lie: “These are all facts. I don’t do opinion. And I know — the difference for me is, I do point of view.” —CNN talkinghead Don Lemon asserting a distinction without a difference when asked if he mixes opinion with facts

Race bait I: “Speaking about, you know, the maggots — I’m sorry, the MAGA. … We have borne the brunt of being disloyal to this nation. And we have stood by to see mediocre, mealy-mouthed, snowflake white men who are incapable of taking critique, who are willing to dole out infamous repudiations of the humanity of the other and yet they call us snowflakes and they are the biggest flakes of snow to hit the Earth.” —professor Michael Eric Dyson

Race bait II: “Opposition to critical race theory is obviously rooted in racism and has just become the newest dog whistle for racists.” —Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib

Missing the forest for the trees: “I personally find it offensive that we are accusing the United States military … of being quote ‘woke’ or something else because we’re studying some theories [like CRT] that are out there.” —Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley

And last… “It has been edifying to learn over the course of … 24 hours that in the view of this administration, the military exists primarily to serve two functions: social engineering via CRT education, and nuking Americans who have guns.” —Ben Shapiro