The Patriot Post® · CNN Says, 'Get the Vaccine. Or Else.'

By Douglas Andrews ·

Maybe the Left thinks bullying folks into getting the COVID-19 vaccine will reduce their hesitancy about it. Maybe they think, Just because these vaccines aren’t FDA-approved doesn’t mean they’re not safe.

Maybe. But maybe not. We’re about to find out.

Last week, a CNN medical analyst said it’s time to turn up the heat on those of us who, for one reason or another, haven’t yet gone in for the stick. As Breitbart reports:

Dr. Jonathan Reiner, who teaches at Georgetown University, said that all students and staff will be required to be vaccinated in order to return to his campus and the standard also should be enforced at private organizations. “I do think it’s time to start mandating vaccines,” Reiner said on CNN. “And I think that private industry and private organizations will do that. … Now, we can’t force you to take a jab in the arm. But there are many jobs, perhaps, that can prevent you from working if you decide not to get vaccinated. So I think we need to be more proactive, and we will see industry take the lead in this.‘”

Like we always never say, When college professors speak, private industry listens.

But it wasn’t just one CNN medical analyst. As CNN medical contributor and former Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen said Saturday, “It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated. Right now, it’s kind of the opposite.” Even a CNN political analyst got into the act. “Easy, accessible, and attractive are important,” said CNN’s Julian Zelizer, remarking on the gimmickry — such as million-dollar lotteries and free college tuition — that a number of states have resorted to in order to entice their citizenry. “Nobody should face barriers toward receiving vaccines. But citizens must also not see this as an optional inoculation.”

If we didn’t know better, we’d say vaccine compliance is more important to CNN than its tanking ratings.

At this point, 75 million American adults have chosen not to get the vaccine. This, of course, is a matter of individual liberty — a matter of whether we’re free to decide what substances will and won’t be injected into our body. And given that the vaccine is available free of charge to everyone, and given that everyone who’s worried about contracting the coronavirus has had plenty of time to get the vaccine, we’re not sure why the Left is freaking out about it.

Maybe we should ask Joe Biden. Last week, after all, he fanned the flames when he said this: “Our administration is going to devote the remainder of the summer to a special focus on five ways to make gains and getting those of you who are unvaccinated vaccinated. We need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oftentimes door to door, literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people, protected from the virus.”

“Literally knocking on doors,” he said. The president had better hope his jab-happy Red Guards have thick skin and short noses, because a lot of doors are gonna get slammed in a lot of faces.

What’s remarkable here is that 86% of Democrats have received at least one shot of a vaccine, while just 45% of Republicans have — if we’re to believe a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll. Why is this remarkable? Because, as our Nate Jackson put it last week, “The people that suffer Trump Derangement Syndrome, the people to whom you must not even whisper the word 'hydroxychloroquine’ because Trump once talked about it, are the ones lining up to get Trump’s vaccine. Meanwhile, Trump’s voters are rejecting it en masse.”

And why shouldn’t they? The Democrats have politicized every element of COVID-19, including whether we’ve gotten the vaccine. As HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said last week on — where else? — CNN, “It’s absolutely the government’s business to know Americans’ vaccination status.”

Think about it: A face diaper and a vaccine card have become their side’s equivalent of a MAGA hat and an American flag. And Joe Biden has become The Fuller Brush Man for Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine.

C'mon, man.