The Patriot Post® · 'What's the Plan, Man?'

By Roger Helle ·

I’m sure average people look at what’s happening in our country and scratch their heads. They’re probably thinking much of it is just a mistake. Whoever made the decision to do something illogical probably didn’t have enough facts. It’s JUST a mistake!

That would be the average Democrat voter, if there is still such a critter! They’re thinking their party isn’t doing this on purpose, right? Wrong! We need to wake up. There will come a day, sooner than later, when the policies enacted by the Biden administration have dire consequences for this country.

A Democrat voter may think that allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to flood across our southern borders is okay because Democrat Party leaders care so much about helping the poor and downtrodden of the world. Sure, there’s collateral damage. With these poor immigrants we get MS-13 gang members, tons of illegal drugs, and enough fentanyl to kill everyone in the country.

There’s sex trafficking, kids in cages, and tens of thousands in debt and literal slavery to the cartels to pay for their passage to America. Sure, there were over 90,000 deaths to drug overdoses last year — nearly twice the number of our military deaths during the entire Vietnam War. There’s always collateral damage when you’re trying to help people, right?

Paying people who are not working to stay home is a good thing, right? Sure, thousands of small businesses are closing because workers are paid more to stay home than to work. Employers just need to pay their workers more. Yeah, I know, my Big Mac will double in price and so will the fries! It’s the compassionate thing to do.

Raise taxes, raise gas prices, raise the cost of utilities — it’s all good because the rich will just pay more. Keep those printing presses at the Treasury Department rolling because we need to spend trillions on infrastructure!

Let’s teach our kids to judge others by the color of their skin, not the content of their character. Let’s continue to divide people into tribes and get them to turn on each other. Let’s demoralize our troops, causing them to wonder if their buddy is a racist or not. I could go on, but I think you see where I’m going with this.

The Marxists have been playing the long game for over a century. The problems listed above are not a “bug” in their plans; it’s a feature. The end goal is the complete collapse of America and turning this nation into just one more socialist/Marxist hell hole. We pretend this isn’t really happening, to our peril. Don’t believe your lying eyes!

But many Americans are waking up. They’re becoming WOKE to the Left’s strategy. And they’re waking up others to what’s happening. Parents and good teachers are speaking up about the goal to keep our classrooms “propaganda laboratories.” Our military is a victim of social experimentation. But leftists have overplayed their hand. Americans are waking up!

The Biden administration, pressured by the radical Left like the Squad of Marxists, thought the timing was good to go hard to the left. They guessed wrong. After Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto who led the attack said: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

History is about to repeat itself.

Something to think about?