The Patriot Post® · Hard Left Goes Cold Mic on Cuba

By Douglas Andrews ·

Yesterday, Joe Biden finally put forth a statement about the unrest in Cuba. And at first glance, it seemed to hit the proper themes: “Freedom” was in there, as was “decades of repression and suffering,” and so were mentions of “authoritarianism” and “fundamental and universal rights” and “the Cuban regime.”

But, still, something was missing: The “C” word was missing.

One would think that somewhere within a 94-word statement, we’d find a mention of the “root cause” of all this anger, this unrest, this human misery. After all, Democrats seem really interested in root causes these days. But no. Joe Biden and his handlers just couldn’t bring themselves to utter the word “communism.” Heck, they couldn’t even say “socialism.”

Columnist Jonathan Tobin was less charitable:

The initial Biden administration response to the mass rallies for freedom that took place across Cuba on Sunday was a disgrace.

As Cubans took to the streets defying the Communist regime’s totalitarian police, a senior State Department official tweeted that the administration viewed the protests as merely a result of unhappiness “about rising COVID cases/deaths” in the island country.

That’s pure bunk. The slogans shouted by thousands who risked imprisonment or worse were about an end to the Communist dictatorship installed in the 1950s. “Freedom!” “Enough!” they cried.

Worse yet was the far-left flank of Joe Biden’s party. Bernie Sanders doesn’t consider himself a Democrat, of course, but he nonetheless led a resounding chorus of deep-space silence. Said Fox News’s Sean Hannity: “America’s top radical socialists, they are, well, predictably yet eerily silent. Lifelong communist, you know, the guy that honeymooned in the former Soviet Union, Bolshevik Bernie Sanders, praised Castro’s literacy programs and frequently attacks Republicans. He’s been completely silent about the ongoing demonstrations in Cuba.”

What we’ve got here, then, is a failure to communicate. Some commie symps just can’t be made to denounce the evil in their midst.

That evil now takes its form in the shape of the regime’s state police, which, as Fox News reports, “are now out in force on the country’s streets as President Miguel Díaz-Canel is accusing Cuban Americans of using social media to fuel the protests.”

Tennessee Congressman Mark Green, a former Army surgeon, a friend of The Patriot Post, and the ranking member on the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee for the Western Hemisphere, blasted Democrat lawmakers. “The Communist dictatorship in Cuba has been oppressing the Cuban people for decades,” he said. “It’s absurd to think that any sitting U.S. lawmaker, who enjoys the freedoms of our country, would ever support a communist dictatorship in another country — especially one as corrupt as the Cuban dictatorship.”

Yesterday, we noted the remarks of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the son of a Cuban immigrant father. Today, we’ll share the words of another son of Cuban expats, Marco Rubio. Here’s his impassioned speech from the Senate floor yesterday:

There’s still time for the Left to find its way to the right side of history, but we don’t see it happening. Doing so would amount to the admission of a grievous and decades-long misjudgment of massive proportions. As National Review’s Rich Lowry puts it: “There is a revolutionary movement afoot in Cuba, one that is courageous, inspiring, and — one hopes — truly democratic. It is the ordinary people of Cuba attempting to vindicate their rights against the Left’s favorite dictatorship.”

The clock is ticking. The Cuban people are in the streets. And the hard Left is still silent about that rotten regime.