The Patriot Post® · Socialism in America

By Robin Smith ·

“Marxists often refer to socialism as the first, necessary phase on the way from capitalism to communism.” — (November 2020)

“The goal of socialism is communism.” —Vladimir Lenin

Americans need to stand shoulder to shoulder in unity against socialism, now the economic platform of the political Left. The very ideology that has destroyed nations and millions of lives is at the core of the Democrats’ policy playbook and growing more and more popular among younger ideologues who are indoctrinated to believe Big Government cares for them.

Younger adults stupidly embrace socialism because they have not learned their history. Most Americans have some idea that more than six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust by Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers’ Party (the Nazis), though they’re under the grossly mistaken assumption that Nazis were “right-wing.” Yet few know that more than 100 million were put to death at the hands of communists — the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin, China’s Mao Zedong, Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh, North Korea’s Kim Il Sung, Cambodia’s Pol Pot, Ethiopia’s Mengistu Haile Mariam, and Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

A June 2021 Axios/Momentum poll of Americans showed 57% held positive views of capitalism. Looking at 18- to 34-year-olds, however, those with a positive view of the economic construct of freedom was only 49% — with 46% reporting a negative view. Narrowing the age to 18- to 24-year-olds, only 42% held a positive view of capitalism. And, no, this is not isolated to the Left. Among those surveyed age 18-34 who identified as “GOP leaners,” the positive view of our market system had fallen from 81% in 2019 to only 66% in 2021.

Socialism is in America now. It’s here because our focus was on winning elections and not hearts and minds as a Center-Right effort. In America today, socialism, the precursor to communism, begins with seeing handouts as a right. It’s important to remember that the top 1% of income earners pay 40% of all taxes, with the top 10% of earners paying 71% of all income taxes. Education is another mark of modern American socialism, with K-12 public education yielding 62% of students graduating without reading at grade level — though students can easily tell you all about Black Lives Matter, “white privilege,” and how to have safe sex.

With higher education, tuitions increase, ironically but predictably, as aid and support increases. Yet students are unable to find jobs that pay salaries to pay back their debt and sustain their lifestyle — a lifestyle consisting of an unlimited-data smartphone to go along with housing, food, and transportation. Many states are now offering at least two years of free college, and still the cry for tuition forgiveness and completely free higher education sounds in the promotions of the Left.

If you don’t think public education is being socialized, look at the tenth plank of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto: “Free Education for All Children in Public Schools … Combination of Education with Industrial Production.”

The process of socializing work and wages has been rushed on by the COVID pandemic. If there is a universal wage without work, the government competes with the private sector where merit is rewarded financially and with greater opportunity. With guaranteed income without work, the labor force shrinks. All the signs posted for hiring and the need for workers is due to government choosing what work is essential, with a base pay regardless of the work (or lack thereof). A quick lesson in a planned, government-run economy proved devastating.

The sixth goal of the Communist Manifesto is “Centralization of the Means of Communication.” The echo chamber created by broadcast and cable news programming, the censorship on social media platforms, and the selective reporting and biased framing of information corresponds directly to the rise of socialism’s popularity. When you add to that the public shaming and bullying in the form of cancel culture, you arrive at today’s cultural divide and destruction of our precious freedoms. Political dissent is banned and only propaganda is permitted.

The Democrat Party pushes to indoctrinate our students, redefine our families and genders for the purpose of sameness and government approval, and control our private property along with the ability to earn wealth based on merit and expertise, not sameness.

Patriots, the elections of 2022 are simple decisions between those on the Left working to destroy our Liberty and those candidates who are willing to fight for our constitutional republic.