The Patriot Post® · The Cuba Conundrum

By Roger Helle ·

I have a pastor friend who escaped from Cuba and knows firsthand what’s happening in that country. He published on Facebook a post telling people not to believe the fake news. He said Cubans are not protesting because of COVID-19 or lack of food. They’re protesting because they’ve suffered 62 years under a ruthless and authoritarian communist regime.

Cuba is the favorite country of so many leftists in America. Space does not allow me to list even a portion of the sycophants in our country — politicians, Hollywood stars, and media — who have literally kissed Fidel Castro’s ring, giving credibility to a ruthless tyrant.

Before COVID, my wife and I were conducting spiritual leadership training for this Cuban pastor’s staff, and I spoke on Veterans Day. The first night we went to dinner at a steakhouse with the pastor, his wife, and the church’s leadership team. My wife, Shirley, was sitting next to the pastor and asked if he ate steak when he was still in Cuba. He answered “No,” because it was illegal for common citizens to have steak. It was only for the communist leaders.

In fact, he told us how the government wants citizens to spy on each other. If he saw a neighbor carrying a flat-screen TV into his house, he was supposed to inquire about where he got the money to get the TV. If he didn’t and the government found out, he would be imprisoned.

Leftists like to tout Cuba’s free healthcare. It’s a joke! The only good hospital in Havana is for communist officials. The clinics for locals are not good. Their equipment is old and mostly broken. If a citizen has to have surgery, they contact friends or family in the U.S. for medical supplies to be sent to them.

But as Bernie Sanders — a socialist — likes to say, Cuba has a great reading program. Except it consists of only communist propaganda telling kids how bad America is. I guess they were doing Critical Race Theory before it was popular? Biden did issue a statement of solidarity, of sorts. He mentioned the pandemic and, surprisingly, the decades of repression (I have my shocked face on). What was missing was one word: COMMUNISM.

Not surprising to me, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who is of Cuban heritage, warned would-be refugees who might think it’s a good time to flee to the U.S. to forgot it. They will be returned to Cuba. Sure, they will go to prison and maybe even be executed. But we have to defend our borders and only allow illegal immigrants who will vote Democrat. Those Cubans are known to harbor radical views, like freedom, faith, and conservative family values (and they probably vote Republican).

I was curious to see what the members of “The Squad” — like AOC, who almost died on January 6, ya know — would have to say about those standing up to tyranny. Strangely, I could not find anything from any one of them. They went silent. My first clue as to how “The Squad” would respond should have been when I saw the protestors waving American flags. Obviously, they are racists! Nothing to see here — move along! Are Democrats who hated Trump’s mean tweets feeling pretty good about the country now?

Something to think about?